Hi! I'm Jessie!

Hi! I'm Jessie!

Hey everyone, I'm Jessie and I am the founder of Lonely Conservationists. I created Lonely Conservationists in January 2019 after feeling frustrated and burnt out with the lack of opportunities and the amount of resilience needed to persevere in the industry.

After spending over a decade trying to establish myself in the conservation industry by working for conservation projects across seven equatorial countries, completing my honours degree in Ecology and winning awards for my research at international conferences, I found myself yet again being taken advantage of and being made to work for free. Feeling defeated and undervalued, I created the Lonely Conservationists website, asking anyone who could relate to share their story in solidarity.

Just over a year later we have a thriving community of three thousand global conservationists who have told 70 stories and counting at the time of writing. Lonely Conservationists exists to help conservationists thrive by providing a platform to be heard, employment pathways and a strong community foundation.

For over a decade, I strove to be a conservationist who preserved ecosystems for future generations, but now I am proudly a scientist who hopes to do whatever is in my power to help to protect Earth's dedicated conservationists.

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