Lonely Conversationists. A deep dive into Conservation Psychology

A series of conversations and workshops with industry professionals in conservation psychology to explore more about the lives of conservationists.
Lonely Conversationists. A deep dive into Conservation Psychology

I'm excited to announce our latest project "Lonely Conversationists", a deep dive into Conservation Psychology with monthly themes to explore! My new team members Spencer and Rachael will be hosting monthly discussions and workshops to help increase awareness of topics such as failure, burnout and impostor syndrome in our community. 

After our first discussion on "Lonely Eggs: How our childhood experiences lend themselves to a life in conservation" it became clear that it is important to have a space established to talk about conservation psychology from a conservationist's perspective rather through the lense of a phsycologist. I am so proud of this series and for the opportunity to help conservationists understand more about themselves so we can start to be a bit kinder to ourselves as we navigate such a turbulent industry. 

To get involved in these discussions and workshops, sign up at: https://www.patreon.com/lonelyconservationists



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over 1 year ago

Thanks for sharing Jessie and amazing work, together with Spencer and Rachael! I look forward to joining these sessions.