How to Conserve Conservationists

Book Launch is Saturday 21st of November 7pm AEST:
How to Conserve Conservationists

I can think of conservationists who work tirelessly to protect all living creatures on the planet, from the smallest mosses to the largest whales. What really strikes me as strange, however, is how little resources there are dedicated to conserving those who spend their lives creating a sustainable future for the coming generations. 

As a self-proclaimed conservationist conservationist myself, I thought it was time to ensure that there are resources and field guides to better understand the conservationists of the world, what they need, and how to help them.

How to Conserve Conservationists is an autobiographical journey into my own experiences in the conservation industry that encompass themes such as impostor syndrome, mental health and even relationships. I wanted to share the unshared stories of our glamourised industry, but also give some tips and tricks for non- conservationists to understand and help us along our journeys.

To accompany the book, my partner Todd and I have released an eleven-part podcast where we chat about each topic covered in the book, spanning the eleven chapters. Todd is a straight white male who works in IT and has a very different perspective on the topics covered in the book, so the podcast explores the conversations you may have with the people in your life and the perspectives they may hold about the conservation world. These conversations represent the fact that this book is not just for conservationists, but is also very important for your friends, family and colleagues to read to understand a bit more about your experiences and what you go through during your conservation journey.

Listen to the podcast wherever you get your podcasts and you can order yourself a copy of the book from:

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Hopefully now, with these resources, we will be better equipped to conserve the people who are saving our natural world.


Go to the profile of Thirza Loffeld
almost 2 years ago

Congrats Jessie!! Amazing job on the book and I look forward to listening to your podcasts (great idea!). 

Go to the profile of Jessie Panazzolo
almost 2 years ago

Thanks Thirza!