How to conserve the conservationists in your organisation

How to conserve the conservationists in your organisation

Throughout my time at Lonely Conservationists, I have uncovered an array of constraints that impact conservationists throughout their careers. After reaching conservationists and their friends and families through my podcast series and book, I thought it was time to tackle the constraints head-on and educate the organisations themselves. This education program gives you a comprehensive guide to understanding how to improve your work culture and provide value to your conservationists.

How to conserve the conservationists in your organisation 


The conservation industry is composed of highly empathetic participants who often carry the weight of global environmental issues on their shoulders. This course gives you the skills to help value the conservationists who work for you and create a positive workplace culture.

Who is this course for?

  • Management of any sized conservation organisation
  • Volunteer coordinators
  • Anyone wanting to provide more value to the conservationists at their place of work

Enrolling in this course will give you the ability to:

  • Improve the culture of your conservation based workplace
  • Achieve higher levels of staff retention
  • Mitigate the burnout and exhaustion levels of your staff
  • Achieve a happy and successful volunteer cohort

What you will learn:

  • What is currently constraining conservationists in the industry
  • How to implement mental health practices in your workplace
  • How to create a failure positive environment
  • How to give value to volunteers
  • How to improve staff retention, workplace culture and the environmental outputs of your organisation

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about 1 year ago

Thanks for sharing this opportunity, Jessie! It sounds like a useful and interesting course.