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Contributing towards conservation planning for species, protected areas and people in Belize

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Originally from the UK, I have lived and worked for over 30 years in the conservation field in Belize, a breathtakingly beautiful biodiversity and culturally-rich part of the world. Over that time, my skills have evolved to fill a national need for conservation planning...something I love! Working with inspiring people, with communities, protected area managers, conservation agencies and the Belize government towards national conservation successes - and Belize has some great success stories!

On the down side, Belize is a very small country, with few opportunities to meet conservation practitioners from other parts of the world, so I am looking forward to connecting with like minds and learning from the community through this platform.

While I am focused on the conservation planning side of our organization, Wildtracks, we also provide rehabilitation of Antillean manatees and both species of endangered primate (the Yucatan black howler monkey and Central American spider monkey) as part of the national conservation strategies for these species...so I am also often knee deep in water and covered in manatee poo or providing social care to incoming primate infants in quarantine - a very fulfilling break from facilitating workshops!

Zoe Walker

Director, Conservation Planning Unit, Wildtracks

I've lived and worked in conservation in Belize for more than 30 years...and love it! I work with both government, non-government agencies and communities towards strengthening the national protected areas system and species conservation frameworks - lots of landscape and seascape planning, protected area management planning, national biodiversity and species conservation planning, and (in all my spare time) addressing wildlife crime. My work provides excellent opportunities to explore iconic protected areas across this amazing country - places like the Blue Hole (known globally as a 'must-do' dive site) and Cockscomb Basin (protected for its high jaguar density) and to work with the inspiring management NGOs and local communities that protect areas such as these to improve their conservation outcomes. To make life even more interesting our organization, Wildtracks, also manages Belize's national manatee and primate rehabilitation centers, as part of our species conservation portfolio.

We are excited to be establishing a new programme in 2022 focused on capacity building and mentoring for the Belize conservation community in response to the limited number of in-country conservation practitioners, with skills transfer to the incoming generation of conservation leaders.

It is always inspiring to meet others who are as excited and motivated by conservation and conservation planning as I am...looking forward to being an active member of WildHub!

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about 1 month ago

A warm welcome to WildHub, Zoe! Wonderful to read about your background and current work. I would love to learn more about your plans to establish a new programme in 2022 to provide capacity development and mentoring for the Belize conservation community. Perhaps of interest to you is our upcoming WildHub Festival, in particular the session facilitated by Beth Robinson and her panel on teaching and learning in wildlife conservation (please find the link below). 


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about 1 month ago

And I forgot to mention our WildHub Fika Social next week, please find it here: https://wildhub.community/events/wildhub-festival-join-our-wildhub-fika-social