Hi all, Adam here!

Hi all, Adam here!

Hi Everyone!

My name is Adam, in Cambodia with a small NGO, working toward Gibbon conservation incorporating indigenous communities.

Great to be here and look forward to connecting with more like minded people. I feel I have been out of the loop for a while in connecting with true conservationists, so hoping to have a little passion rekindled through all of you wonderful people, and some new perspectives. Life gets pretty insular in rural Cambodia!

Please feel free to connect if you find yourself this side on any of my contact channels, social media etc. 

Keep safe, keep it real, and keep having fun 

Adam X

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Go to the profile of Thirza Loffeld
over 3 years ago

Welcome Adam, it's great to have you joining us! I look forward to learning more about your work with Jahoo - perhaps we should organise a WildHub Webinar on "conservation & indigenous communities" some time. What do you think? 

Go to the profile of Adam Roberts
over 3 years ago

Sounds like a fantastic idea :)


Go to the profile of Megan McDaniels
over 3 years ago

Hi Adam! I'm new to WildHub too and looking forward to connecting with community-based conservation practicioners like yourself. I live in rural Kenya and work at a wildlife research station, so I can definitely relate to feeling like my bubble is pretty small at times.

Gibbons have become one of my current favorite animals after watching behind-the-scenes videos of gibbons from one of my favorite US zoos, so I'm looking forward to seeing your photos of them and hearing stories!

Take care and be well. - Meg