Hi I'm Tom!

Whale ecologist looking to expand network of fellow conservationists
Hi I'm Tom!

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Hello! My name is Tom and I am just finishing a PhD with the University of Edinburgh. I assessed the impacts of whale-watching activities on humpback whales in Iceland. I also co-founded and co-direct a small whale research and engagement charity, Whale Wise. We mostly operate in Iceland and the UK, with a heavy focus on scientific research. I am looking to expand my network of conservationist connections to inspire my own conservation work. In particular, I have less experience in practical conservation action and I'd love to hear about people's journeys through this field, as well as sharing my own. 

My favourite animals are blue whales, bowhead whales and orcas. And my favourite wildlife encounter was with a blue whale in Iceland while sailing along the North coast. 

Thanks for having me!

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Go to the profile of Lara Reden
9 months ago

Welcome to WildHub, Tom! One way to meet other community members is to participate in the monthly social. I look forward to seeing more contributions from you.

Go to the profile of Grace Alawa
9 months ago

Tom, good to have you join us. Congratulations on your PhD. You're in the right platform for meaningful connections and network, please explore the different opportunities as well as make your contributions too. It would be nice to hear about your encounter with the blue whale in Iceland.

Go to the profile of Chrissy
9 months ago

Hi Thomas! Welcome to the Wildhub Community