How to get certified as a Wildlife Conservation Professional

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At WildTeam we have always been about helping conservationists to achieve more and progress their careers. We have a new way of doing that be providing a path for conservationists to become a certified Wildlife Conservation Professional. The idea is to help conservationists:

  • Acquire a range of key vocational conservation skills
  • Demonstrate their abilities to employers to help get promotions
  • Empower their team and partners that they work with
  • Achieve more conservation impact

Here is a a video where there is more information on this. Please post below if you have any questions or thoughts to share.

Adam Barlow

Executive Director, WildTeam UK

I help run a UK charity that builds the capacity of conservationists to plan, implement, monitor, and report on their work. I also have a fair bit of experience in tiger and sea turtle conservation.
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21 days ago

Fantastic lesson, Thanks Adam for sharing!