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Ubuntu Magazine is looking for an illustrator!
Join the team of Ubuntu Magazine!

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With great sadness our beloved illustrator Renée Balsters has decided to step aside for now, so we are looking for someone to take her place.

🌿Are you an avid illustrator with an interest in nature conservation?

🌿Are you capable of designing both our well-known black-lined illustrations, as well as our beloved infographics?

🌿 And are you ready to take on an exciting voluntary position at a growing nature conservation magazine?

Then we would love to get in touch!

Send a message to with the headline 'illustrator job opening', including your portfolio and why you would love to join. We'll promise to get back to you quickly!

And if you aren't who we are looking for, we highly appreciate it if you would share this post with your network.

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Go to the profile of Lara Reden
5 months ago

Thanks for sharing!

Go to the profile of Manon Verijdt
5 months ago

Thank you for commenting Lara! Let me know if you know anyone. And hopefully you enjoy the magazine :) 

Go to the profile of Thirza Loffeld
4 months ago

@Alan J. Hesse , @Kenneth Chin , @Lorena , @Brenda de Groot , @Kathleen Reinhardt , @Giuseppe Forestieri, and @Sofiya Shukhova  : would you perhaps know anyone who would be interested in joining Manon's team at Ubuntu? 

Go to the profile of Manon Verijdt
4 months ago

Thank you Thirza! That means the world to me.