My Passion for the environment!

Who am I? What can I achieve? What are my priorities? Why am I here? All questions we all will, or have, asked ourselves and which I would like to share my views on. I would like to see who reads this, connects and what this platform is best utilised for?
My Passion for the environment!

Who am I?

I am Michael Robert Cunningham from Mid Wales near Builth Wells, I have lived and worked all over the UK and am currently in Dorset. I am a practical conservationist, a Habitat manager, A 35 yr old who is actually not as fit as I once was. Since LD I have lead a more desk based life starting a new Not for Profit CIC 2 years ago, and now when I pick up the chainsaw I inevitably get more aches and pains that I ever used to, which is fine as I would prefer to create broadleaf woodlands and wildlife rich habitat than tree felling in the name of conservation.... but there is need to ensure woodland does not encroach onto important grassland etc. 

I am also currently looking for part time work as an environmental educator; woodland manager or teaching at local colleges (or setting up my own coppicing business and helping with Forest schools). As 9Trees, being a grassroots organisation where we pay people from the ground up, will not pay us for a couple of years (unless we manage to get the right supporters and landowners on board) I am in a wonderful position, albeit a dilemma!

What can I achieve?

Alone I can manage woodlands, a team of volunteers or workers and help support my friends and family through this difficult period. I can help others through my work with A Focus on Nature etc.

Together we can all have a great impact! And that is where I think this story leads, to coming together as a community, throughout the UK to help one another, help share one another's organisations, businesses, help with passions and dilemmas. Be kind, see the bright side of things, spread positivity and help people get over their fears, Listen. I am sure I have much to learn from all of you here and my network of friends and colleagues, a slower life, part time work for all. Paid opportunities and helping kick things off that are worthy. 

What are my priorities?

To be outside! To enjoy a healthy diet, to see friends and family, to work in a job that is not just rewarding to the soul but also gives opportunity to combat habitat loss and ensure we have a temperate climate for generations to come. To be able to take the time to help a stranger, take the time to re asses how my funds are being used, i.e Banking with Triodos, Changing electricty suppliers, where I buy my veg. 

To be honest Its hard to put these into a specific order, maybe we can help each other, for instance last year I put up secondary glazing in my mums old house, 'TheOneStopPlasticShop' and would love to know more about retrofitting older homes, my friend Stuart has created and wants to put to market his easy to add on Water harvester & filter which would be great if taken up by a whole street. 

Why am I here?

Not only due to my parents, but right now? Why? I suppose to make the best I can of the current situation and I love to help others. So helping quell my own eco-anxiety and helping others by planting 9 trees per person per year. and concentrating on one thing! this allows my mind to be free sometimes and I speak with my friends who work in all sectors, from preventing rainforest destruction, Renewable energy, Humanitarian efforts, between us we try to leave no stone unturned, even tech to reduce waste while we surf the internet.

I am here on this forum to gather likeminded individuals and we can all help each other! 

So let me know who you are! Who reads this? who will connect with me?

What is this platform is best utilised for... New friends? conversation? Learning? or will it help me in all aspects or being?

I also love permaculture, Action for Happiness, Land Workers Alliance, Gardening and one thing I do need to do is read books more, I seem to do a lot of computer based learning. I love timber framing, want to spend more time making coppice products and do some blacksmithing! 

I am sorry I do waffle but I suppose I feel immediately safe here at WildHub so thank you team! And good luck to you! and good luck to all of us protecting the environment and the wildlife and humans inhabiting it!


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almost 2 years ago

Once again, a warm welcome to WildHub Mike! It's wonderful to have you join our community and many thanks for your active participation already!