Project Management and Stakeholder Engagement Manuals Now Available in Mongolian!

Project Management and Stakeholder Engagement Manuals Now Available in Mongolian!


Conservation work is no easy task, but it just got a whole lot easier for Mongolian conservationists. Thanks to the efforts of the Wildlife Conservation Society - Mongolia, WildTeam’s project management and stakeholder engagement manuals have been translated into Mongolian, empowering conservationists to achieve greater success.


Translated Project Management Manual

Imagine a compass guiding you through the complex world of conservation projects. The translated Project Management Manual serves as that guiding compass, helping conservationists navigate through the various stages of project implementation. From meticulous planning to efficient execution and timely closure, this manual equips conservationists with the essential tools and strategies for managing projects effectively.


Translated Stakeholder Engagement Manual

Conservation is a collaborative effort, and stakeholder engagement plays a vital role in building strong partnerships. The translated Stakeholder Engagement Manual provides a comprehensive guide on how to effectively engage with diverse stakeholders. It outlines best practices for fostering meaningful relationships, incorporating stakeholder perspectives, and garnering support for conservation initiatives. By bridging gaps and fostering collaboration, conservationists can maximize their impact and create positive, ethical change.


One of the greatest advantages of having these manuals in Mongolian is the ability to adapt best practices to the local context. By incorporating local knowledge and experiences, conservationists can apply these best practices more effectively, ensuring their efforts align with the needs and aspirations of local communities.

The availability of these translated manuals empowers Mongolian conservationists to take charge of their projects and engage stakeholders with confidence. By following proven methodologies and strategies, conservationists can streamline their work processes, optimize resource utilization, and achieve greater impact in their conservation endeavors. The translated manuals serve as a valuable resource, equipping conservationists with the knowledge and skills needed to make a tangible difference in preserving Mongolia's unique biodiversity. All thanks to the Wildlife Conservation Society Mongolia!


Project Management for Wildlife Conservation – Mongolian

Stakeholder Engagement for Wildlife Conservation – Mongolian

All English versions of WildTeam best practices.

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Go to the profile of Grace Alawa
9 months ago

This is great news, sure made their work a lot easier and the success rate would definitely accelerate.

Go to the profile of Lara Reden
9 months ago

Thanks for sharing, Adam! It's great that these resources are becoming more accessible to a larger audience.