WildHub is 1000 members strong

Join us in celebrating our community's journey so far
WildHub is 1000 members strong

This week our community was joined by our 1000th member! This is a huge milestone for our global member-led community. We now have members across 80 countries.

The most exciting and motivating thing for me in reaching this milestone is how we got to this point as a community. Being a truly member-led organisation, even the name WildHub was first selected by membership vote. A core group of members then got together in our weekly chats to help decide what subjects to focus on in our community, and how to reach out to others to join.

 We opened our virtual doors in March.

"I really enjoyed reading the posts on the website. I thought it was a wonderful space that people in the wildlife community can share their experiences and learn from each other." (Ranjini Murali, Conservation Scientist, Snow Leopard Trust)

In April we organised our first major event, WildHub’s Deep Dive, as part of the digital Earth Optimism Summit organised by Smithsonian Institution, reaching 100 conservationists.

"Thank you so much for everything you are doing to include me in your projects- I really appreciate it and I feel very valued in the WildHub community." (Jessie Panazzolo, Founder of Lonely Conservationists, Australia, panellist in WildHub’s Deep Dive)

In June we had our first ever WildHub festival, with 10 festival sessions designed, organised and carried out by members, reaching 300 conservationists.

"I know some of the alumni have now connected and are helping each other out with projects. I have had good feedback that the alumni really enjoyed the event and found it useful. It was a lovely format, and a good alternative now in Covid-times when face-to-face events are not possible." (Magdalena Svensson, Associate Lecturer in Primatology and Conservation, Oxford Brookes University, UK)

Since July we have started a monthly WildHub Fika to increase our sense of connection and community. 

“I really enjoyed meeting Adam and Bela and learning about them and their work. I think WildHub Fika is a great way to connect with new people particularly as we all have to be apart from one another right now. Thanks so much for setting that up!" (Elizabeth Stephenson, Director, Marine Conservation Action Fund, New England Aquarium, US).

Feel free to add your experiences of our WildHub community below this post.

Our future

Reaching 1000 members is our collective achievement, because many of you have acted as ambassadors for our community.

 "WildHub is a free, member-led, global community of conservation professionals. A place where we can support one another, overcome challenges together and create new solutions to save more wildlife. Join WildHub today!” (Caroline Wanjiku Kerichu, Executive Officer, Forestry Society of Kenya, shared on LinkedIn).

The more you, as members, grow our community by reaching out to conservationists around the world the greater impact we will have. The more you contribute your learnings, requests for help, and opportunities, the better and faster we can improve conservation while supporting one another on our shared journey. The more events we organise the greater our bonds and ability to work together at a scale that can really make a difference for conservation.

In my next post I will write a call to action that can help us grow our community further and help us thrive. If you would like to do something amazing for our community today, no need to wait. Any idea or initiative is welcome; our community’s future is, as ever, in your hands.

Wherever you are located and however you are helping our community, it’s a privilege to be with you on this journey!


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Go to the profile of Harry Hilser
about 3 years ago

~ Huge appreciation Thirza and all the members of this diverse and inspirational community. Fantastic news on this milestone! I am invigorated that we are together ushering in a regeneration of the biodiversity conservation movement, with this innovative platform representing the perfect way to expedite this transformation by fostering optimism, creating connection and nourishing our passions and dedication through the crucial benefits of community. 

Go to the profile of Beth Robinson
about 3 years ago

This is great! It is a pleasure to be part of a community of wonderful people who share the same passion. B

Go to the profile of Michael Cunningham
about 3 years ago

Excellent! I am so glad I have finally found somewhere like this! 

I will share it far and wide! 

Go to the profile of Thirza Loffeld
about 3 years ago

Many thanks Mike for sharing, much appreciated!