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Senior third sector manager with more than twenty years’ experience in international wildlife conservation, 15 of which in a management and leadership role. My focus has been on driving individual capacity development programmes (conservation leadership, facilitation etc.), institutional capacity building of NGOs, multi-stakeholder collaborations, conservation education and conservation programme development.

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Aug 10, 2022
Replying to Lize Gibson-Hall

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Aug 09, 2022

A little after the fact, but....

...An interesting discussion around soft skills.  I too find this term rather demeaning and not very descriptive either- they can be the hardest skills to both learn and apply!  I would see them more as universal or foundational skills that we should all become competent and confident in applying if we want to be the most effective conservation practitioners we want to.  Here is a useful recent paper from a colleague of mine highlighting how the application of such skills within the context of species conservation planning is contributing to improved species status: Lees, C.M., Rutschmann, A., Santure, A.W. and Beggs, J.R., 2021. Science-based, stakeholder-inclusive and participatory conservation planning helps reverse the decline of threatened species. Biological Conservation260, p.109194. 

Jun 01, 2020

Thanks for sharing these thoughts, Chloe.  They align well with collaborative conservation planning principles and steps.  If anyone would be interested in finding out more about facilitating (species) conservation planning processes which includes how to respond to a number of the points Chloe raises, then you can download a resource at my organisation's website: https://www.cpsg.org/content/facilitators-guide-species-conservation-planning