Adam Roberts

Conservation Communications Consultant, Jahoo
Lize Gibson-Hall

WildHub Assistant Community Manager, WildTeam

I am a marine biology graduate with an MSc in conservation at Plymouth Uni. Currently, I am working here as one of your WildHub assistant community managers! I am also working part-time as one of the membership officers at the Marine Biological Association and have a passion for science communication and bringing people together. Other interests include the use of technology (specifically cameras) to study animals as well as animal husbandry and advocacy. 
Francis Vorhies

Director, African Wildlife Economy Institute, Stellenbosch University

Conservation economist

Aiita Joshua Apamaku

Education Taskforce Lead, Youth4Nature

Wildlife biologist with cross-cutting interests in wildlife conservation technologies, wildlife and ecological research, climate change. 

Elmontaserbellah Ammar

Wildlife surveyor volunteer, RSPB

I am a Conservation Biology MSc student interested in research exploring the feasability and limitations of data mining and AI for conservation. 

Samuel Leslie

Savannakhet Landscape Program Director, Wildlife Conservation Society

Harry Hilser

Programme Director, Selamatkan Yaki

As Programme Director for Selamatkan Yaki, an integrated species conservation programme based in Northern Sulawesi, Indonesia I am responsible for planning and rolling out various projects to work towards our objectives across a multiple year framework. Our programme works towards protecting the habitat and remaining populations of the Critically Endangered Sulawesi crested black macaque (Macaca nigra), whilst supporting local initiatives, developing alternatives to hunting and capacity building for the local people. I am also the Co-Founder of Lestari Environmental Education Consultancy. Lestari cultivates regenerative change through innovative and engaging social science approaches. Drawing from a rich resource and experience base of behavioural chance best practice, Lestari offers a service to academic institutions, NGOs, businesses and other change makers across the following central domains: advocacy and communications, facilitation, and research and evaluation. Collaborative pathways are catalysed to undertake transformative research, develop strategy and policy and facilitate events and training such as participatory workshops and nature-based experiential learning to foster change. In addition to this role, I am undertaking a part time PhD in Human Geography, primarily focused on the understudied area of conservation advocacy. Integrated into the programme, this study examines anthropological causes of species' declines and potential mitigation strategies based on behavioural change mechanisms such as community based social marketing. It is predicted that the mutual and synergistic goals of filling gaps in our understanding of mechanisms of advocacy whilst enhancing in-situ conservation strategies will be achieved. Previous positions have seen the development of my experience in primate conservation and research as a primatologist for Operation Wallacea in Sulawesi and conducting research on primate health in Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo. In addition to my field experience, I have been involved in ex-situ management, working as experienced keeper in the primate department and quarantine at Stichting AAP in The Netherlands. I completed an MSc in Primate Conservation at Oxford Brookes University, UK in 2010. With this range of experience I have developed a commitment for working in conservation to support efforts to halt the loss of biodiversity and live in harmony with our fellow primates.
Caitlin Brant

Wildlife Technician, Canadian Wildlife Federation

Michael Cunningham

Director, 9Trees Carbon Offsetting CIC

I love swimming in the rivers & sea, climbing mountains and walking all over the UK. Scuba diving, snowboarding and novice surfer. I love a pint and relaxing in the park when I see mates in the city. Growing up on the banks of the Wye I currently live rurally looking for the 'good life' Eco Sustainable living. I am hoping to help build my home, maybe my own log cabin! I enjoy networking and am an effective communicator, advocate and educationalist. Past experience, conducting business meetings & community engagement, have honed my skills in management of staff and volunteers. I have a diverse skill set. I am adept at statistical analysis, SPSS & GIS, management plans, report writing & scientific valuation of research. At this pivotal point in the earths future I have set up a grass roots organisation as I am passionate about making a change. Having worked in business, not for profit organisations, governmental partnerships, charities, practical conservation and humanitarian volunteering I feel I have a wealth of experience to help over the coming years. Both part time and freelance options appeal to me. I take pride in my continued professional and personal development, from amphibian ID, food safety to first aid & scuba diving. From my work with the RSPB in Primary schools, teenagers for the Devon Youth Service, to leading a team of youth in Nepal to volunteers in train carriage restoration shows I am effective all round communicator / enthuser. I have conducted business in many forms, I feel I have much to offer, using my initiative and positive dedication. Please see my linked in profile which shows how involved I was in Arts, Tourism, government and Business.
Olivier Chassot

Candidate, WCPA Chair, IUCN

I was born in Switzerland, but my current home is Costa Rica where I have been living with my wife and daughter for the last 25 years. Over two decades, I have developed extensive knowledge in sustainability topics along with a wide experience in designing, fundraising, and implementing conservation biology programs, biological corridors, project planning, implementation and monitoring, the leadership of inter-institutional alliances at the national, bi-national, regional and international level, as well as in the creation of protected areas. My areas of expertise include biodiversity, landscape issues, connectivity conservation, transboundary conservation, protected areas, and World Heritage Sites, sustainable development, wildlife, governance, and ecosystem conservation. I have worked for local and international NGOs and the academy, and define myself as a passionate conservation practitioner compromised with high standards of excellence, and a team player able to build strong intercultural relationships. I love trail running, photography, reading, cooking, traveling, and meeting new people from different cultural contexts. I am fluent in French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, with limited working proficiency in German and Indonesian. I am currently learning Mandarin and Arabic.
Felicia Lasmana

Senior Quality Officer & Project Manager, HCV Network

I am a conservation biologist with great interest in the application of conservation science into a practical solution. I work with scientists, practitioners and academics in conservation and sustainability sector. Specialties: SE Asia terrestrial ecology (in bats and other mammals), High Conservation Values (HCV), Natural Resource Management & Conservation, Interdisciplinary Research, Quality Assurance, Sustainability Issues (in oil palm sector).

Chewe Chiti

Currently unemployed, Currently Unemployed

Scott Ashley Grey Hartle

Program Mananger, Cikananga Wildlife Rescue Centre

I am a conservation biologist, with proven experience in research development, project management and field research. To date, most of my experience relates to biodiversity in human-modified landscapes. I am devoted to understanding the impact of human-modified landscapes on biodiversity but also the role they play in conservation. My primary areas of focus include multifunctional land management, sustainable agriculture and biodiversity conservation. I am adamant that we can develop and foster land-use practices that provide communities with sustainable livelihoods, whilst conserving local and regional biodiversity.
Hello there! My background is in environmental law. I have recently worked under a project on biodiversity assessment in coal mining area in the central part of India. As a conservation enthusiast, i am keen on exploring tribal communities livelihood and dependence, role and impact on mitigating conflict and biodiversity conservation. At present, I am actively looking for opportunities to explore climate change and nature conservation area. I would be happy to connect and share my experience and, equally delighted to learn about people and their work around the world. In my free time, I write poems and hope to write a book someday. Not an avid reader, but i always travel with books in my bag. I do enjoy books on literally fiction, philosophy, buddhism and spiritualism.
Emma Hankinson

PhD Researcher, Oxford Brookes University

I am very happy to explore science, by knowing science I can be grateful to the creator. I'm still studying animal systematic science. I joined this community to be able to increase my science knowledge & also have friends who are outside the country.
Félix Feider

Facilitator, Generation Climate Europe - Biodiversity Working Group

Félix is a 25-year-old conservationist and environmental activist from Luxembourg. He is the Biodiversity Working Group Facilitator at Generation Climate Europe, the largest coalition of youth-led NGOs at the European level, pushing for stronger action from the EU on climate and environmental issues. He is also the Liaison Officer on Biodiversity at Youth and Environment Europe, working to mainstream biodiversity throughout the European youth climate and environmental movement and to empower youth from underrepresented regions to participate in regional and global environmental policy processes. He firmly believes that biodiversity is the crumbling foundation of life on Earth and must be put at the center of decision-making processes to create a healthier, more equitable and prosperous future for all, especially the poor and most vulnerable. He previously interned at the Secretariats of the Convention on Biological Diversity (UNCBD) and the Convention on Migratory Species (UNCMS), and most recently at the UN Environment Programme World Conservation Monitoring Centre (UNEP-WCMC). He holds an MSc in Conservation from University College London and a BSc in Marine Science from the National University of Ireland, Galway.
Nguyen Van Kien

principal researcher, Vietnam National plant genebank - plant resources center (prc)

My work is serving plant genetic resources conservation and use intervention for food and agriculture development (PGRFA) in Vietnam. We design, develop, carry out platform and strategy, programs on PGRFA and relevant areas, including consultancy, training activities. Currently, we are trying to focus on diversity and evolution works of crop and wild crop relatives (CWRs)in the contexts of climate changes, nutrition and health styles and ecosystem services payments and environments as well as values series of culture, spirit and religions that plant genetic resources contribute to sustainable human social development against future challenges. I hope that we could exchange experience, idea and innovation to contribute in developing a better world. We are looking forward to hearing your feedback, support and cooperation soon
Pedro Miguel Gomes de Freitas

Conservation Biologist Looking For Opportunities, Unemployed

I am a Conservation Biologist actively looking for a job. Protecting wildlife is what drives me. I dedicated a large portion of my life learning about Conservation Biology and working as a volunteer in order to help non-profit organisations save habitats and threatened species. I've worked in the field and in the office with various people of various backgrounds. I've done surveys, monitoring, risk assessments, public engagement, woodland and grassland management, and GIS analysis and mapping. I'm specialised in birds, however, the work that I've done also involved other groups like amphibians, reptiles, mammals (rodents and bats) and plants. I'm actively looking for an opportunity to use my skills for nature conservation and/or to educate the public about wildlife and its importance.
Abhishek Behl @🏠

Business Dev & Sustainability | ABN-AMRO Sanctuary Earth Awardee 07 | MSc @DICE_Kent | Also @WildNavigator @TravelingwithMS @Trav_Able | #RRMS Dx07 on DMD, Behl Consulting

Debra Saunders

CEO & Chief Remote Pilot, Wildlife Drones Pty Ltd

Debbie is a Founding Director of Wildlife Drones, and a Conservation Ecologist at the Australian National University. Her extensive conservation research experience focuses on improving our understanding of threatened migratory birds and the complex ecosystems they depend on. She recently succeeded in translating her long-term research into a $1 million habitat restoration project for a diversity of threatened species. She has also been instrumental in the development of the world’s first robotic radio-tracking drone for remotely locating tagged animals. Currently she is taking this drone technology to next level with the creation of Wildlife Drones, a commercial-ready product for researchers, pest species managers and conservation NGOs internationally. She has received an ACT Innovation Award as well as an ACT Government Innovation Connect grant for her creative business solutions for challenging research problems. Debbie believes that drones are a highly valuable and flexible tool that provide unprecedented opportunities for new insights into the world’s most complex and fascinating natural ecosystems.