Fátima D. Gigante

Environmental Educator, Centro de Rescate de Primates Rainfer

About Fátima D. Gigante

A Spanish biologist with a Master's Degree in Forest and Nature Conservation by Wageningen University & Research (The Netherlands). Currently transitioning towards my first job in the conservation sector, despite the difficulties posed by the COVID19 pandemic. Experienced in working on human-wildlife conflicts between scavengers and livestock farmers in the Iberian Peninsula, and in sustainable forest management practices carried out by indigenous communities in Bolivia. A firm supporter of the need for involving communities for developing sustainable conservation solutions. Interested in the social dimensions of nature conservation, in the development of interdisciplinary and collaborative research, and in the use of participatory methodologies throughout project development. Lately, intrigued by behavior change strategies, gender perspective approaches to nature conservation, and by the application of an environmental justice framework to my future work. Hablo español e também falo português, in case you would like to engage!

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