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I have worked in field biology since 2013 with a focus on avian research, specifically wetland and coastal habitats. Most recently, I worked with Audubon Great Lakes to bring urban migratory bird monitoring to Grange Insurance Audubon Center. For several years, I worked with shorebirds and wading birds in Florida as the Avian Biologist with Rookery Bay Reserve. I have also presented multiple lectures for festivals or training courses such as the Florida Master Naturalist course and Rookery Bay's Festival of Birds. I currently reside in Central Ohio while staying active in national or international conservation programs such as Zoo Miami's Florida Flamingo Working Group to research American flamingo ecology or ResearchWild Inc's international internship research program.

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Comment on Hi! I am David ...
Nov 24, 2023

Welcome aboard! Your job sounds very interesting. As someone who is currently searching for potential opportunities to continue my conservation career, I'd be interested in talking with you more about what your job with ANOMINDIAL entails. I haven't heard of many travel agencies with that focus in mind. You also may have my dream job as I would love to get into project management on international conservation projects. :)

Oct 20, 2023

Thanks for sharing this. I am an experienced Conservationist and job seeker and am having a hard time finding an organization to work for. I highly appreciate something that will help connect people.

Jul 31, 2023

The booking link does not seem to be working for me...?

Jul 06, 2023

This type of message really speaks to me. I've had many people in my career tell me I can't do things. And part of that is because I was in competitive positions that others were jealous of. I experienced the "tear this person down to get ahead" approach. Not everyone has experienced hardships like this. So to hear that others also faced resistance makes me feel better about myself and my career journey.

Comment on Hello from Ohio!
Jul 06, 2023
Replying to Thirza Loffeld

A warm welcome to WildHub Anne! Great to have you join us! Exciting to learn that you will be starting your own bird banding station research! Yes, please keep us posted on your progress - that would be great. 

I agree with Lara that a nice place to start is by joining our WildHub Socials so you can get to know other community members.

There are also opportunities to join our Conservation Catalyst programme which means that you will be teamed up with a coach who will connect you to conservation experts that you can interview on a topic that is in line with your interest as well as the community's. This is another great way to create connections and learn from opportunities. More information about joining our Core Community can be found here

For now, I was curious to learn what you feel most passionate about regarding Avian Biology. Would be lovely to hear if you like to share :)

I would say that birds being most accessible for viewing is what did it. I wish there was more reason than that. :) But honestly, I have a passion for general wildlife conservation and wouldn't mind working as an assistant for a mammal or amphibian project. At this point, I have so much experience in birds that it would be too hard for me to switch. That's why I think going in a direction of general biodiversity conservation and looking at the ecosystem as a whole is the closest thing I can get, as opposed to specializing in another taxa.

But fun fact: I LOVE amphibians, especially salamanders and frogs. I did not have a herp course in undergrad. I think if I was given the opportunity, I would be a huge amphibian person now. But the opportunities are also limited in the states for working with them. It's one of my many dreams to look at how healthy vernal pool habitat changes bird composition. But one thing at a time...

Comment on Hello from Ohio!
Jul 06, 2023
Replying to Grace Alawa

Glad to have you join us Anne, a bird banding station is a good feat, any motivations as to why you decided to start the research?

There's many reasons. If you visit Ohio, you see many fragmented woodlots and I've always been curious how they are in providing resources for migrants. In this case, there's fragmentation differences in suburban vs rural. But still, you can get serious fragmentation in rural areas with an agricultural landscape. But there's very little expansive habitat. Also, migration arrival and timing is different throughout the state. So having a banding station in central Ohio would be interesting to see how the timing differs from other locations. 

A hypothesis of the research is also that invasives cannot provide the same habitat as native species. Looking at the difference btw areas with invasives (tends to be urban or suburban) vs rural.