Arvind Kumar Chaurasia

Additional Commissioner, IRS(C&IT), Wildlife Crime Control Bureau, New Delhi, India

About Arvind Kumar Chaurasia

I am Additional Commissioner from Indian Revenue Service (Customs & Indirect Taxes) with vast experience of law enforcement especially in tackling transnational smuggling  including willdife trafficking. Also, as an expert I have been conducting sessions on various aspects of wildlife crimes and its convergence with other serious crimes, legal and enforcement framework to counter it, wildlife cyber crime, OSINT for combating wildlife crime, combating money laundering associated with wildlife crime, CITES, role of Customs in tackling the menace of wildlife crime, Digital Forensics etc. for forest, police, customs and other enforcement agencies' officials. I have also been invited as an expert by UNODC ROSA to train the law enforcement officials of Sri Lanka on combating wildlife cyber crimes.

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Replying to Danielle Fryday

This sounds like a very important and valuable tool in the fight against illegal activities online. Thanks for sharing this information Arvind.

Thanks @Danielle Fryday

Replying to Grace Alawa

Thank you Arvind for this insightful information on the different skillsets offered by Google.

Thanks @Grace Alawa 

Replying to Thirza Loffeld

Thanks Arvind for sharing with us these clear needs and how India is leveraging data science for wildlife law enforcement, your insights are much appreciated. 

Would also be interesting to hear your thoughts on this or questions to Arvind  @Frank van der Most and @Muthoni Njuguna, especially regarding how organisations/government agencies embrace (or not) technological developments in your experiences. 

Thank @Thirza Loffeld 

Replying to Danielle Fryday

Thanks Arvind for this article - you provide a very interesting and important perspective. I completely agree on needing to shift the message from a focus on financial value to ecological value. Communicating the ecological value provides a more holistic and realistic 'valuation' of an animal/species' contribution to our world, and may hopefully contribute to changing what society values - we need to look beyond GDP/financial growth and take a more holistic view of what is important for a good life, both individually and collectively. 

Thanks @Danielle Fryday 

Replying to Lara Reden

@Arvind Kumar Chaurasia, any insights here?


I agree that lack of SOP/Guidelines and required physical & veterinary infrastructure poses many problems in proper management of seized wildlife. The standard practice being followed in India is that whenever a live wildlife species is seized, that is handed over to the nearest Govt. Zoo or Central Zoo Authority approved private Zoo/Rescue & Rehabilitation Centre for their care by veterinarians. In case of native species, they are released in the wild when they are found fit for that. In case of exotic live species, they are kept in Zoo/Rescue & Rehabilitation Centre till they are repatriated to their native country (in case of CITES listed species). In case of body parts/products/derivatives, they are disposed of/destroyed as per prescribed procedure. However, it is learnt that Central Zoo Authority is working on developing SOP/Guidelines for seized live wildlife management.

Replying to Lara Reden

Thanks for sharing, Arvind. 

Thanks Lara.

Replying to Carolyn Rosevelt, MSc

There are various programs and organizations in the states that train scientists how to better communicate their findings. What tools do wildlife managers use when asked to speak to the media? Thanks @Arvind Kumar Chaurasia for sharing this article and information.

Thanks Carolyn.