Arvind Kumar Chaurasia

Additional Commissioner, IRS(C&IT), Wildlife Crime Control Bureau, New Delhi, India
Thirza Loffeld

WildHub Community Manager, WildTeam UK

My background is mainly in species conservation, education and capacity development. I researched mother-young interactions in gorillas and chimpanzees, in captivity and the wild. After that, I worked for three years in Indonesia, where I developed and implemented youth ambassador and community engagement programmes on local and regional scales. I work as Community Manager at WildHub since 2020, and I am an Associate Member of the Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology (DICE) at the University of Kent where I obtained my PhD on capacity development for conservation in 2022. 
Esther Jacobs

Conservation Manager, Fire Island Conservation

Fire Island Conservation projects aim to empower communities with alternative income & protein sources to poaching. As conservation manager, I'm working to bring marine researchers to the island to establish studies that link to our conservation efforts and enhance community projects. I also manage social media content and write blogs for the projects.

Senior Investigator, Kenya Wildlife Service

I am a Senior Investigator at KWS (Kenya Wildlife Service) and a passionate advocate for biodiversity conservation with more than 10 years of experience in this field. Prior to my current role, I served as the faculty head of Wildlife Education at the Kenya Wildlife Service Law Enforcement Academy. My research interests center around natural resource economics, ecosystem services matrix flow, marine ecosystem valuation, and analyzing issues in a changing world, such as trends in wildlife species population, illegal wildlife trade, unregulated and unreported fishing, climate change, marine pollution, community livelihoods, and ocean governance. I have extensive cross-cultural experience collaborating with both international and local partners on biodiversity conservation initiatives. My interest in biodiversity conservation was sparked at a young age of 10 when I developed a deep love for nature, leading me to pursue a BSc in Wildlife Management at Moi University, Kenya. Later, I earned an M.A. degree in Biodiversity and Natural Resource Management at Nairobi University, Kenya, and I am currently pursuing a PhD in Biodiversity and Natural Resource Management at the University of Nairobi. These educational pursuits are driven by my passion to find solutions to biodiversity loss not only in Kenya but also globally. As part of various professional associations, I am a member of the Conservation Finance Alliance (CFA), the Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association (WIOMSA), Women In Marine Science (WIMS), and IUCN - Commission on Education and Communication Specialist Group. My specific interest in Blue carbon ecosystems was sparked during my attendance at the Blue Economy conference in 2018, held in Nairobi, Kenya. I take great pleasure in exploring innovative ideas and mentoring future thinkers. Every day, I am deeply concerned about the future of humanity if the threats to our environment continue without restraint. Thus, my primary focus lies in implementing policies and regulations that prioritize and involve local communities in conservation efforts.  
"ABIM" Abimbola Isafiade

Team Manager, Law Enforcement

I am a counter wildlife, technical and Operational expert, enthusiast, trainer, advisor, project manager and leader.  Currently working in law enforcement organization, with vast  experience but ready, willing to learn all that is needed to be called " a professional " in my area of expertise, roles, projects or programs that i would be required to manage or coordinate.
Cleo Grieve

Postgraduate Student , University of Edinburgh

Cleo has an M.Sc. in Applied Animal Behaviour & Animal Welfare from the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies (University of Edinburgh) and a B.Sc. in Animal Biology from Stirling University (UK). She has extensive experience in assisting and managing complex research projects for multiple research institutes and private laboratories. She has built up a strong technical background in the South African Bushveld deciphering wild animal behaviour and bio-acoustics, in cancer research and behind an electron microscope looking for a link between positive animal welfare practices and the abundance of microglia (the brain’s primary innate immune cells).

Social Media Manager, WildHub

A Florida native and University of West Florida alum, with continued education in Tropical Forest Landscapes Conservation & Restoration from Yale University. Expanding her knowledge in Sci Comm & Sustainable Development Goals through Erasmus University - Rotterdam. Further expertise includes Large Marine Ecosystems' Assessment and Management from Cape Town University. In addition to her role as an ecopreneur, she actively engages in volunteer work with environmental and conservation organizations, as well as outreach groups, using her professional skills to contribute meaningfully to the assistance of others.
Lara Reden

WildHub Community Advocate, Self-employed

I want to have a positive impact on the environment and communities around the world. How I do this is pretty open; I have wide-ranging interests and am willing to adapt to changing circumstances. Right now, I'm volunteering for the WildHub community and am happy to answer questions about the platform and do what I can to help connect people.

WildLearning Specialist , WildTeam

Hello! I'm Katie and I'm a WildLearning Specialist with WildTeam. I help to deliver a number of workshops with WildTeam, including the Project Management for Wildlife Conservation course. I love meeting course participants from all over the world, and learning about the amazing projects that they are working on or would like to in the future.  I am also working as a postdoctoral researcher at Bournemouth University, as a continuation of my PhD project which focussed on African elephant conservation. I've been lucky enough to travel to lots of places for my work and engage with a range of stakeholders. I also love science communication which has lead me to meet and work with lots of amazing people through public engagement, outreach events and social media.   Connect with me on LinkedIn: and Instagram: @drkatet
Matthew Creasey

WildLearning and Communications Specialist, WildTeam

I work for WildTeam UK, helping to deliver training workshops, write conservation best practice manuals and share them as widely as possible. Previously a Writing Fellow working with various conservation organisations across India. Background in research, particularly behavioural ecology. Bird nerd.
Léa Kaplani

WildLearning Specialist, WildTeam

Hello! I'm Léa and I'm a WildLearning Specialist with WildTeam UK. I help create, design and deliver training courses. I love getting to know all the participants and learning from them :) Previously, I was working with BirdLife International on forest governance issues and in my previous life I worked in the development sector in the United States. Education-wise, I have studied economic development, international relations as well as tropical forestry in the past.  Hope to catch you in a WildHub social!
Adam Barlow

Executive Director, WildTeam UK

I help run a UK charity that builds the capacity of conservationists to plan, implement, monitor, and report on their work. I also have a fair bit of experience in tiger and sea turtle conservation.
Laba K.C

Program Officer, Himalayan Nature

I am working as Program Officer at Himalayan Nature. I completed my master degree in Environmental Science. My major interest and experience are in biodiversity conservation, wildlife research, climate change and urban environment management

Veterinarian, Animal Health GD (Ministry of Agriculture)

Veterinarian specialised on wildlife management and natural areas conservation.
Saket Agasti

Associate Manager - Technology for Conservation , The Habitats Trust

Saket is a computer graduate turned wildlife conservationist. He has been engaging with several of the wildlife conservation issues in India for over a decade including community based conservation, conservation induced human displacement, eco-tourism, conservation technologies (Radio Telemetry, Camera Traps, UAVs, GIS and RS).
Salisha chandra

Vulture Conservation Coordinator - Africa, BirdLife International

Beth Robinson

Consultant, Biodiversify

I'm a WildLearning Specialist with WildTeam, a bit of an odd job title. My main role is to design, deliver and organise both our online and class-based training courses. One of the best parts of my job is meeting other conservationists and learning about the work that they do. Before working for WildTeam I did a PhD in invasive plants and human-wildlife interactions. I find it really interesting to learn about the ways people interact with nature, both when nature is being wonderful, but also when it is being a bit annoying!
Antony Lynam

Conservation Technology Field Solutions, Wildlife Conservation Society

My research interests include the natural history & conservation ecology of small mammals, wild cats, Asian elephants, and tapirs, species responses to deforestation & habitat fragmentation, hunting & wildlife trade. I work at the interface between conservation science & applied wildlife management, using evidence-based approaches, statistical analysis, & technologies (camera-trapping, RS imagery, Cybertracker, SMART) to advise the conservation of wildlife populations in tropical Asia and East Africa.
Shaleen Attre

Co-founder, IndianSnakes

Sarah Hughes

Community Wildlife Officer, Chichester District Council