Esther Jacobs (She/Her)

Conservation Manager, Fire Island Conservation

About Esther Jacobs

Fire Island Conservation projects aim to empower communities with alternative income & protein sources to poaching. As conservation manager, I'm working to bring marine researchers to the island to establish studies that link to our conservation efforts and enhance community projects. I also manage social media content and write blogs for the projects.

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Jul 25, 2023
Replying to Chrissy

Hi Esther! Welcome to the Wildhub Community

Thank you @Chrissy 

Jul 24, 2023
Replying to Lara Reden

Welcome to WildHub, Esther. I hope you enjoy the project management course! 

Thank you @Lara Reden 

Jul 24, 2023
Replying to Thirza Loffeld

A warm welcome to WildHub, Esther! Great to have you join us. 

Which partnerships are you looking to make? 

We have a unique little island that's unexplored so keen to find researchers who want to consider projects there on the coral reef species or megafauna. To continue fund the efforts to make it a safe haven for turtle populations, we offer SCUBA retreats on the island, which researchers etc can also use as a base.

Jul 24, 2023

Welcome Esther, we are glad to have you in our community.  It's nice to hear that you have enrolled in one of our training courses. Now that you are here it will be nice to check out other courses as well, like the stakeholder engagement,  project planning,  grant writing for conservation projects. These will help you do more in your career.  You can also make use of catalyst program to tell your conservation journey. Also join us in our monthly socials 3rd Wednesday of every month to share your experiences with us. 

Thank you @Eberechi Cecilia Osuagwu, wildhub advocate