Diana Kibuuka Nakayima (She/Her)

Conservation Educator , Uganda Wildlife Conservation Education Centre

About Diana Kibuuka Nakayima

I am Diana a Conservation  Educator at Uganda Wildlife Conservation Education Centre - Entebbe Zoo. My major work there  is communicating  Conservation Education through photography, videos ,recorded audios. and writing story pieces.

My professional background is in Mass communication majoring in Journalism but with passion in Environment,Climate change and wildlife issues - That's why most of my stories will always rotate around those 3 subjects.

I am also and adventurous person who loves exploring new interesting places, and more so if there's something for me to learn.

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Replying to Thirza Loffeld

Thanks for sharing this beautiful video Diana! 

Based on your work at UWEC, what has been your most important learning moment so far?

My best learning moments are those when Conservation Educators are sharing some special and unique information about an animal specie or plant. I love listening  to stories of how nature relates to man

Hello Diana

You are welcome to wildhub.  I love the part you said you that you love to explore new interesting places if there's something for you to learn.

I love you to explore our conservation catalyst program and I hope it will be of interest to you. We will also need your story telling skills to help us translate our research work too. Communication is a big factor in conservation projects and your skill will be highly appreciated here.

Thank you Cecilia I am ready to learn and willing to share

Replying to Grace Alawa

Welcome to WildHub Diana

Thank you Grace

Replying to Chrissy

Hi Diana! Welcome to the Wildhub community. In your role as a Conservation Educator, you use various communication methods like photography, videos, recorded audios, and written stories to convey conservation messages. How do you assess or determine the effectiveness of these different communication approaches in engaging your audience and achieving your conservation education goals? Are there specific metrics or feedback mechanisms you use to measure the impact of your efforts?

Thank you Crissy for connecting, As a Centre  we use the produced content in our different Conservation Education programs that run on the CONNECT, UNDERSTAND and ACT ideology. We develop on site conservation signage, about the different animal species  and flora , we do outreach programs where we showcase what we do, using a rig van  that  projects  videos, we engage the clients on social media - and here feedback is instant.

We do visitor surveys using a digital google from  to find out how effective is our communication and the general of a visitor at the Centre 

Hello Malik , hope to learn from you a lot - am  beginner of wildlife filming

Replying to Thirza Loffeld

A warm welcome to WildHub, Diana! Great to have you join us and thanks for sharing about your background. 

What kind of opportunities (e.g. knowledge, connections) are you looking for? This way I can advise you on how to gain the most benefits from your WildHub membership. 

Thanks Thirza, with a journalistic background, Am greatly interested in developing good content for Wildlife Conservation . And of course learning more about wildlife conservation

I strongly believe that by the end of this course, i will be in a better position to develop engaging wildlife content for the masses


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