Keren Sophia Pereira (She/Her)

Project Fellow | Director of Media & Comms., WCB Research Foundation | SOLARIS Trail Cameras

About Keren Sophia Pereira

I am a Wildlife Conservation Scientist, Environmental Educator, and Science Communicator based in Mumbai, India. I am currently a Project Fellow at WCB Research Foundation where I’m involved in sloth bear research, and Director of Media and Comms. for SOLARIS TRAIL CAMERAS, Brisbane. 

I completed my Masters of Conservation Science from the University of Queensland and worked on projects involving the conservation and ecology of wild cats, environment awareness campaigns with a Mumbai-based NGO, and science communication. My interests include but are not limited to community-based biodiversity conservation, large mammal ecology, and raising environmental awareness. I enjoy the outdoors, especially birding, photography, hiking, and digital illustration.

I joined WildHub to interact with like-minded folk in the field of Wildlife Conservation across the globe. I hope to participate in much needed Conservation conversation and figure out ways to better safeguard our wildlife and the planet.

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Recent Comments

Jun 10, 2024

Hi@Vimbainashe Eunick! Thank you for raising such important points about Conservation Education. 
I second your views, and after having worked in the Environment and Wildlife Conservation education space for the past 2 years in India, I can’t express how crucial simple action through community awareness is! I have realised that more schools here have started eco-clubs in the post-pandemic period - wonder if that’s the same in Zimbabwe. 

We usually ease the teachers that we work with into the core theme for the year by conducting an interactive orientation programme. This way they are better equipped and feel more comfortable with encouraging their students to learn about the environment and biodiversity. It would be nice to learn more about how you and your colleagues operate in the conservation awareness space! Happy to chat further :) 

Cheers, Keren x

Comment on Hi! I'm Romaric
Feb 01, 2024

Hey Romaric! You've been involved in some amazing work. I'm sure we would all be thrilled to hear more about your work in the Ugandan landscape. :)

Welcome to WildHub! 

Comment on Hey, I’m Keren!
Jan 18, 2024
Replying to Thirza Loffeld

Hi Keren! A warm welcome to our community! Well done for publishing your introduction post straight-away! How did you find out about our community, if I may ask? 

Perhaps of interest to you is the opportunity to join our WildHub Conservation Catalyst programme; quite a few of our members have benefitted from participating. More information about that here and also feel free to email me about it on :) 

Another way of networking is to join our WildHub socials, advertised here

You may also be interested in connecting with @Karbolo Clinton who is working with Carnivores in Kenya. 

Thank you for the warm welcome, Thirza! 
I found about WildHub through LinkedIn - it just popped up in my feed and I’m so glad it did!

I’ll look into the Conservation Catalyst Programme - thanks for introducing me to it, and for pointing me in the direction of Karbolo. :)


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