Hey, I’m Keren!

Hey, I’m Keren!

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Hello all! 

I am Keren Pereira, a Conservation Scientist and Environmental Educator based in Mumbai, India. Ever since I completed my Masters in Conservation Science from the University of Queensland, Australia I’ve been exploring my passions for carnivore research and educating people about environmental issues. 

I currently work as a Programme Coordinator for an amazing little Environmental NGO in Mumbai where I get to work with the community to raise environmental awareness and support small action to benefit the environment.

I also am currently working with a big cat biologist who is based in South Africa on exciting research involving Ugandan carnivores! 

I look forward to sharing with and learning from this incredible WildHub community. Nice to virtually meet you all.

Cheers, Keren! :)

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Go to the profile of Thirza Loffeld
6 months ago

Hi Keren! A warm welcome to our community! Well done for publishing your introduction post straight-away! How did you find out about our community, if I may ask? 

Perhaps of interest to you is the opportunity to join our WildHub Conservation Catalyst programme; quite a few of our members have benefitted from participating. More information about that here and also feel free to email me about it on hello@wildhub.community :) 

Another way of networking is to join our WildHub socials, advertised here

You may also be interested in connecting with @Karbolo Clinton who is working with Carnivores in Kenya. 

Go to the profile of Keren Sophia Pereira
6 months ago

Thank you for the warm welcome, Thirza! 
I found about WildHub through LinkedIn - it just popped up in my feed and I’m so glad it did!

I’ll look into the Conservation Catalyst Programme - thanks for introducing me to it, and for pointing me in the direction of Karbolo. :)

Go to the profile of Thirza Loffeld
6 months ago

You're most welcome Keren and thanks for letting me know that we reached you through LinkedIn. Our Community Advocate @Chrissy will be happy to know that her hard work promoting WildHub through our social media channels is paying off! 

Go to the profile of Chrissy
6 months ago

Hi Keren! Welcome to the WildHub community <3 So happy you found us. I look forward to hearing more about your project on big cats! It would be wonderful to see your insights on the WildHub Conservation Catalyst program.