Nkusi Gerald

Founder & CEO, Food Forests Africa Movement
Nyiramugisha Jennifer

General Manager, Travellers Hotel Kisoro

My name is Nyiramugisha Jennifer from Kisoro a South western part of Uganda within the Virunga trans-boundaries with Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. I offer professional services in the hospitality industry and currently based at Travellers Hotel one of the Oldest and most Celebrated Historical Eco conscious facility within the Gorilla neighbourhoods of Uganda and Rwanda.  I also serve on a governing team that supports all the stakeholders within the Kigezi Tourism Association Umbrella Network. I am passionate about sustainable practices that ecologicaly restore our local landscapes and I am interested in learning and sharing my 14 years of diverse work experiences with the WildHub global community of Actors in the Conservation Space.

Environment Coordinator , HRSG

I'm thrilled to be a part of WildHub as I embark on an exciting journey in the world of wildlife conservation project management. With a deep passion for preserving our planet's precious biodiversity. Let's work together to make a positive impact on wildlife and their habitats!"
Ivette Solis

Director, Amazona lilacina Foundation

I'm a biologist from Ecuador with more than five years of fieldwork experience with birds. I'm a founder and CEO of Amazona Lilacina Foundation I'm interested in everything around wildlife conservation, conservation NGO management, conservation solutions.
Isabel Tostes Ribeiro

PhD candidate in Environmental Science, University of São Paulo

Ingrid Baath

Content Marketing Manager, Climate Crisis Hub & Film Festival

Giulia R

Veterinarian, Utrecht University

Holly Torres

Grants and Donor Relations Officer, Charles Darwin Foundation

Herdhanu Jayanto

Projects manager/ Co-founder, KONKLUSI (Kolaborasi Inklusi Konservasi - Indonesia)

Esther Jacobs

Conservation Manager, Fire Island Conservation

Fire Island Conservation projects aim to empower communities with alternative income & protein sources to poaching. As conservation manager, I'm working to bring marine researchers to the island to establish studies that link to our conservation efforts and enhance community projects. I also manage social media content and write blogs for the projects.
Evelyn Len

Head of Institutional Fundraising, ZSL

I lead the Institutional Fundraising Team at ZSL, working with colleagues across our Science, Conservation and Zoo directorates to raise grants from charitable trusts and foundations, lottery, statutory and bi/multi-lateral funders.   I've been at ZSL since 2018 but have been working in fundraising for the NfPs since 2007.  Relationship and grants fundraising are my specialisms but I have also managed RG and Corporate fundraising functions.  
Datu Lanelio Sangcoan

Chairman, Tribal Chieftain, Eco Warrior , Tribes and Natures Defenders Inc

I am the tribal chief, eco warrior and Chairman of the indigenous peoples led non profit organization, the Tribes and Nature Defenders Inc. I fight for our survival, identify and the remaining sacred forest for the next generation.
Really interested in tigers since 2012. Now running a news website on tiger related issues. Mainly working behind the scenes.
Elias Gaveta

Founder/Director, Conservation Arts


Youth Engagement Officer, Field Studies Council

Catriona Birley

Environmental Project Officer, Dynamic Woods

Daniela Antonacci

Food System Program Manager, Wildlife Conservation Society

I am a Primatologist specialized in captive and wild nonhuman primate sociobiology, with a PhD in Evolutionary Biology. I have 17 years of experience in development project management including 5 in Biodiversity Conservation, with experience in East and Central Africa, and the Middle East. I currently live in Ouesso, a city in northern Congo where for the past 2 years I have been coordinating a program called Sustainable Wildlife Management - SWM. SWM is about creating the conditions for rural communities in northern Congo to manage wildlife resources themselves, taking ownership and exploiting them in a sustainable way. As part of the SWM Program, I am responsible for aspects related to the development of alternative activities to hunting (livestock farming), development of social marketing campaigns for more sustainable consumption of animal protein, and mitigation of risk of zoonoses. I therefore often find myself having to involve stakeholders...

Coordinator, Sekakoh

Adelaida Patrasc-Lungu

Student/Researcher, U Bucharest & U Lisbon

With a passion for nature-based solutions and a personal mission to help accelerate the transition to more sustainable people-environment interactions, my current work and volunteering is dedicated to biodiversity, conservation and remediation projects. My recent research aims to better understand and encourage employees' pro-environmental/ green behaviours and valorisation of residues.
Beth Wilson

Project Administration Assistant, Canal and River Trust

Claire Bradnam

Service Development Officer, N/A