Olivier Chassot

Candidate, WCPA Chair, IUCN
Dr Pranab J Patar

Chief Executive, Global Foundation for Advancement of Environment and Human Wellness

I am an environment and sustainability professional with over 20 years of experience in the non-profit sector, currently heading an unique environmental charity - Global Foundation for Advancement of Environment, here in Delhi (India). Over the years, I have led/participated in over 03 dozen result oriented multi-stakeholder programmes on conservation action, climate change adaptation, environmental research, water conservation, eco-restoration, citizen science and experiential learning. As a capacity enhancement specialist, I have trained over 10000 Corporate executives, Development professionals, Teachers & educators, Students and general public on environment and sustainability issues.

Marta Villasán Barroso

Biodiversity Conservation Biologist , Ecoenergías del Guadiana / Fauna&Vida NGO / SEO BirdLife

I'm from Badajoz, a little city near Portugal at Extremadura, Spain. I love my region because is plenty of wild nature, birds, forests, rivers... but is endangered too.

I have a BSc in Biology and a MSc in Biodiversity Conservation. I have more than 15 years of experience in Environmental Education with school kids and the general public. I'm interested in all related topics about ecology, conservation and all living creatures and their relationships, that makes possible the life on Earth. 

I have worked in Paraguay granted by University of Salamanca and UNESCO Chair "Education for Sustainable Development: Strengthening lines of research in the area of ​​biodiversity and the link with society". My duties were teaching experiments design and basic biostatistics at UNA (Universidad Nacional de Asunción); doing a biodiversity's bird research at the San Rafael National Park (the major Atlantic Forest patch remaining), ringing birds and teaching young students how to carry out a basic research; and doing environmental education with young child and population living at the natural park influence area. 

I stayed at Madeira (Portugal) working on two LIFE projects, one to protect the endemic sparrowhawk "Furabardos" and the other to take care of marine birds. The LIFE projects are the UE tool to support and fund the conservation on their territories.  

Later I have devoted to natural ecotourism at Extremadura (Spain) and scuba diving tourism at Sharm el Shaik (Egypt), in addition to environmental education, or little research and consultancy tasks. I have a  youtube channel  to outreach environmental issues and my own talks. Is in Spanish, but if you want you could take a look at it. 

Currently, I have a job at an environmental consulting at Extremadura (Spain), working about the compensatory measures to take during and after the construction of photovoltaic plants. I take care of bird nests, mitigation and prevention of bird and bat mortality at the high voltage lines, soil restoration, reforestation, etc. I'm glad to carry out this work because I'm sure I'm doing the best to protect the nature while the construction of renewable energy plants are trying to reduce the climate change. 

In addition, I take part from two NGOs: Fauna&Vida, a environmental conservation and education organization from Paraguay, where I'm currently the Education and conservation programs Director, and SEO/BirdLife, the ornithological society to protect birds, where I coordinate the volunteer group in my city. 

Pam HB

Outreach Program Manager, Macaw Recovery Network

Emira Fajarini

Species Conservation Officer, Yayasan Konservasi Alam Nusantara

Maria Victoria Lassaga

Project Manager, Natura International

I´m PM4R Master certificated for BID and I work as a Project Manager at Natura International, an NGO dedicated to the creation of protected areas. I am in my last year of Biology at the National University of Cordoba and I am doing my final thesis on mammals in a reserve in my province. During my career I have done volunteer work in La Coronilla, Uruguay with sea turtles and I am currently doing a research internship in the project "Defaunacion de la mastofauna en la porción Sur del Gran Chaco Americano". I would like to specialize in conservation and ecology

Brian Martin

Conservationist, Yayasan Ulin/ IronWood Foundatiom

To briefly introduce myself, I am an Indonesian volunteer for one year for a crocodile project and then decided to focus on it. It does grow on you, especially if you are a fan of tropical herpetofauna. Frogs, Crocodiles and snakes have been my favourites.

Ricardo Nogueira Martins

Executive Director, Local Protected Landscape of Sousa Superior

Ricardo Nogueira Martins was born in Luzern, Switzerland (1990) and lives in Braga, Portugal. He holds a BSc in Geography and Planning, an MSc in Geography - Planning and Territory Management, and a PgDip in EU policies and Territorial Cooperation from the University of Minho. During his academic career, he studied at the University of the Balearic Islands, Spain, and worked as a research fellow. He worked in Portugal as an environmental consultant within the scope of Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Monitoring reports. Between 2014 and 2021, in Guimarães, as a geography researcher at the Landscape Laboratory, he carried out projects about landscape studies, environmental studies, natural values, and protected areas, and territorial planning policies, rural development as well coordination of some environmental education initiatives. Since 2021, he is the Executive Director of the Local Protected Landscape of Sousa Superior. He strongly trusts Environmental Diplomacy.
Kate Clemens

Graduate Student , Miami University

I am a passionate individual dedicated to ensuring wildlife and wild places are here for years to come in an equitable and sustainable way. An animal lover all my life, it made sense that I would pursue a career focused on the wellbeing and conservation of wildlife. Once I obtained my B.S. in Animal Science, I moved to Birmingham, Alabama to work at the Birmingham Zoo with African mammals. During my time as a zookeeper, I focused much of my energy on educating the public by communicating information to generate understanding and create compassionate attitudes for endangered wildlife and conservation priorities. My natural ability to make connections with people led me to use my time to engage the public and coordinate partner priorities as the Operations Manager for the Global Conservation Corps where I worked both individually and as a team to increase support conservation education and boots-on-the-ground efforts. Additionally, I also acted as the Bowling For Rhinos Communication Liaison with the American Association of Zookeepers where I coordinated communication and connections with field conservationists and zoo professionals. Recently I returned home to Columbus, Ohio to focus on completing my Master’s degree in Conservation Biology through Miami University of Ohio’s Project Dragonfly studying attitudes and participation in conservation while also coordinating collaborative conservation initiatives with university professors, zookeepers, and community members.
Jennifer Palmer

Founder, Women for Wildlife

Jennifer Palmer is an impassioned environmental entrepreneur, wildlife biologist, global educator, public speaker, and intrepid lover of nature. She explores the world to find creative solutions to our most pressing conservation conundrums and aims to create a paradigm shift in how we connect to nature and co-exist in harmony. Her work has led her to become a trusted advisor to nonprofits, governments, academic institutions, foundations, film producers and business leaders around the world. As founder of Women for Wildlife, she has inspired an international movement to conserve wildlife, unite women and empower communities. Jennifer's career reflects a unique blend of international travel and wildlife conservation/research in over 45 countries, including regions such as SE Asia, the South Pacific, Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe, and North America. Through her heartfelt connection to nature, she brings people together with compassion to make a difference in their world.
Fabiana Rizzi

Sustainability & Communications Consultant, Independent

Brand strategy, communication and marketing consultant. Passionate about sustainability, environmental conservation and wildlife lover. I'd like to contribute my knowledge and experience to give nature a voice and advocate for ideas and actions that raise awareness of the challenges we face and accelerate change towards an inclusive, fair and sustainable world. Currently based in Madrid but originally born and raised in Colombia
Abhishek Behl @🏠

Business Dev & Sustainability | ABN-AMRO Sanctuary Earth Awardee 07 | MSc @DICE_Kent | Also @WildNavigator @TravelingwithMS @Trav_Able | #RRMS Dx07 on DMD, Behl Consulting

Oscar Maldonado

Independent Consultant and Scholar, Conservation Planning and Adaptive Management

I am often called a conservation planning specialist, but my 25-year professional career also encompasses other components of biodiversity conservation projects, such as management; monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) and technical auditing. Geographically, I specialize in Latin America and Africa, but my assignments have also included the projects in the Middle East, South-East Asia and Europe. I am used to work in different cultural, social and disciplinary settings, involving a number organisations and audiences, as well as a diversity of conservation projects, from large-scale conservation initiatives (Patagonia, the Amazon, Western Africa, Mozambique Channel), to community-based conservation projects (Brazil, Mexico, Peru, DRC). My approach is based on a three-fold background in social sciences, environmental sciences, and geography. My fluency in Spanish, French and English, an increasing proficiency in Portuguese, and a deep cultural and gender sensitivity allow me to seamlessly work in different settings and locations worldwide. I love my work, but besides work, I also I love dogs, being in contact with nature, cooking, reading, meeting new friends and travel.
Ambalika Singh

Researcher , -

Hello there! My background is in environmental law. I have recently worked under a project on biodiversity assessment in coal mining area in the central part of India. As a conservation enthusiast, i am keen on exploring tribal communities livelihood and dependence, role and impact on mitigating conflict and biodiversity conservation. At present, I am actively looking for opportunities to explore climate change and nature conservation area. I would be happy to connect and share my experience and, equally delighted to learn about people and their work around the world. In my free time, I write poems and hope to write a book someday. Not an avid reader, but i always travel with books in my bag. I do enjoy books on literally fiction, philosophy, buddhism and spiritualism.
Marsya Sibarani

Researcher, Wildlife Conservation Society


Cell Community Extension Officer, Albertine Rift Conservation Society ( ARCOS Network)

I am Theodore Nshimiyumuremyi, a graduate of Zoology and conservation from University of Rwanda. I am currently working as Community Extension Officer Albertine Rift Conservation Society (ARCOSNetwork). I am highly interested in community outreach and development. I stand for fair and equitable interaction of nature and people.
Elliot Connor

Founder and CEO, Human Nature Projects

Mallika Sardeshpande

Senior Research Associate, University of KwaZulu Natal

Caroline Racape

Looking for a new role, /

Welcome to my profile! I'm a French national living in London driven by an unrelenting passion for the conservation of African wildlife. In 2018, after seven years in business development, sales and consulting, I decided to put my flair for building and cultivating relationships at the service of the non-profit sector. I dedicated a year and a half to wildlife conservation - meeting with local NGOs and communities. It gave me the opportunity to dive deep into the complex issues of conservation : habitat loss, human-wildlife conflict, poaching, trafficking, deforestation, water pollution, erosion, drought and lack of community empowerment. I'm a strong advocate of integrating wildlife conservation with sustainable development, recognising the superior knowledge of local and indigenous peoples as guardians of their own environments, and offering them resources to keep their own lands under their own control. I attended conservation auctions and events and met donors and investors to better understand how the conservation sector addressed the lack of funding. It led me to conduct my own research and design strategies on how corporate giving can benefit both brands and conservation organisations. I also focused on emerging technologies, research and experimental management which are a key part of wildlife conservation. A few months ago at GSMA, I contributed to a landscaping research that captured and documented global trends, innovations and examples of best-practices in Natural Resource Management (NRM). Ultimately, the aim was to identify synergies between the private sector, governments, tech innovators and the international development community with a view to foster long-term collaboration. The Covid-19 pandemic has created disruptions to the way conservation works. The suspension of global travel has altered tourism revenues - affecting biodiversity conservation efforts and local livelihoods. Fundraising and tourism are the lifeblood of African conservation and since there are not enough viable options to benefit from wildlife beyond tourism yet, fundraising is more critical than ever. I'm currently looking for an opportunity within an organisation operating in Sub-Saharan Africa to build innovative and strategic corporate partnerships based on CSR, corporate giving and employee engagement.


Independent Nature Conservationist Film Maker.
Sunita Chaudhary

Ecosystem Services Specialist, International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD)

I am currently working as Ecosystem Services Specialist at ICIMOD, where I am responsible for research, policy inputs, capacity building and advocacy of evidence-based policy for sustainable development of Hindu Kush Himalaya. I am an established forester with almost a decade experience on natural resources management in Australia, Austria, Cambodia and Hindu Kush Himalaya region. My research interests fall under the broad umbrella of conservation science and political ecology.