Sikhangele Sibanda (She/Her)

Research assistant , Fauna and Flora Zimbabwe Trust
truphena kariuki

Conservation GIS tech, Lion Landscapes

am an early career conservation tech enthuthiast from kenya.
Benjamin Lindsey

Senior Environmental Scientist, OneGreenFox Ltd

Tatyana Humle

Senior Associate and ARRC Coordinator , Re:wild and IUCN-SS-PSG-SGA

Muthoni Njuguna

CoFounder & Director of Strategy and Business Development, EcoHope Africa

I'm a natural resource ecologist and transformative social entrepreneur with more than five years of experience working with diverse communities and stakeholders in Kenya. I'm currently a Co-Founder and the Director of Strategy and Business Development at EcoHope Africa. EcoHope Africa is a women founded and led social startup venture devoted to shifting the conservation paradigm in Africa by leveraging nature-based investments and solutions to leverage social justice in Africa. Additionally, I'm a Conservation Catalyst for WildHub where my role is to catalyze the sharing of lessons learnt among WildHub members. I hold a Master of Research (MRes.) in Biodiversity, Evolution and Conservation from the University College London (UCL) and a Bachelor of Science (BSc.) in Range Management from the University of Nairobi. I have considerable experience working in community-based conservation initiatives in different parts of Kenya including Maasai Mara, Tsavo, and the Coast. My expertise is in the optimization of the Human-Wildlife interface to ensure sustainable utilization of natural resources and harmonious coexistence of nature and man. I'm also an amateur birder 🐦 and a novice poet 🖋.
Salisha chandra

Vulture Conservation Coordinator - Africa, BirdLife International

Manon Verijdt

Founder / Entrepreneur, Ubuntu Magazine

I am the founder of Ubuntu Magazine. We share personal stories from the frontlines of conservation globally.  I have a background as a Applied Biologist and have been traveling the African continent since September '22 in a Land Rover Defender. Alongside watching wildlife and learning more about new countries and cultures, we (my partner and I) visit projects for Ubuntu Magazine. 
Lisa Williams

Conservation Science & Strategy Specialist, The Nature Conservancy

Kay Farmer

Director, Wild Ally

Alix Zelly

Meadow Maker, Plantlife International

Henry Duffy

Marine Technical Specialist-Asia Pacific, Fauna & Flora International

Ghyslain Mabaya

Ingénieur agronome, spécialiste en gestion des ressources naturelles , Indépendant

Kate Tointon

Communications Executive, Fauna & Flora International

Kate joined the Conservation Leadership Programme (CLP), based at Fauna & Flora International (FFI), in February 2020. She has worked in a variety of science communication roles, and has a BSc in Zoology and Psychology, an MSc in Animal Behaviour, and a PhD in Zoology. Kate has had a lifelong interest in ecological research and wildlife conservation, and has studied a variety of species in the field, including Atlantic puffins in the UK, Horsfield’s hawk cuckoos in Japan, and Aegean wall lizards in Greece.
Eva Rehse

Executive Director, Global Greengrants Fund UK

Antony Lynam

Conservation Technology Field Solutions, Wildlife Conservation Society

My research interests include the natural history & conservation ecology of small mammals, wild cats, Asian elephants, and tapirs, species responses to deforestation & habitat fragmentation, hunting & wildlife trade. I work at the interface between conservation science & applied wildlife management, using evidence-based approaches, statistical analysis, & technologies (camera-trapping, RS imagery, Cybertracker, SMART) to advise the conservation of wildlife populations in tropical Asia and East Africa.

Field Biologist, KRCS

Eamonn Lawlor

Ranger, Lee Valley Regional Park

I’ve been at ranger at Lee Valley Regional Park for five years managing a range of parklands and many of which are important wildlife conservation areas. My first involvement in practical conservation was with Kent Wildlife Trust where I completed a traineeship working on its Roadside Nature Reserves project and then later working full time as their Water for Wildlife Project Officer. I’m a keen botanist and love to share my experiences and passion for the natural world with others.
Jackie Symmons

Ecologist and Wildlife Management Consultant, Self-Employed

Ecologist with extensive terrestrial practical survey, training and education, consultancy and advisory experience. Extensive wildlife conservation research and land management project experience as well as in working in forestry, agriculture and natural resource management, climate change resilience and disaster recovery. I've also lectured on field survey techniques, environmental impact assessments and flood and fire risk management and am also working on climate change impacts and mitigation. Open to short term consultancy projects.
Sanjana P

Executive Director + Researcher, Earth Hacks

Sanjana Paul is the executive director and co-founder of The Earth Hacks Foundation. She holds a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and physics, and is currently working on engineering problems at NASA. Previously, she worked as an NSF REU participant in extreme ultraviolet engineering in the Kapteyn-Murnane Lab in JILA at the University of Colorado Boulder, and as a Conservation Innovation Fellow at Conservation X Labs. When not shooting lasers around or coding solutions to climate issues, she likes exploring the outdoors and baking delicious treats.
Alexander Schmied

project officer, Self employed

Biswajit De

Founder President & Trainer, WILDROOTS

Founder President of WildRoots-India, an organization for Climate, Environmental, Biodiversity Awareness & Conservation Education, based in Guwahati, Assam, India. Recipient of the National Green Mentor Award, Govt. of India and Global Teacher Accreditation from the British Council & Cambridge Education Foundation. As a Nationally recognised illustrator & designer, I primarily use Art and Design to connect the youth and communities to activities and programmes related to environmental protection, climate change mitigation and conservation.