Sikhangele Sibanda (She/Her)

Research assistant , Fauna and Flora Zimbabwe Trust
Amy Forshaw

Communications Manager, Whitley Fund for Nature

Scott Ashley Grey Hartle

Program Mananger, Cikananga Wildlife Rescue Centre

I am a conservation biologist, with proven experience in research development, project management and field research. To date, most of my experience relates to biodiversity in human-modified landscapes. I am devoted to understanding the impact of human-modified landscapes on biodiversity but also the role they play in conservation. My primary areas of focus include multifunctional land management, sustainable agriculture and biodiversity conservation. I am adamant that we can develop and foster land-use practices that provide communities with sustainable livelihoods, whilst conserving local and regional biodiversity.
Rebecca Hansell

Science Communicator, Freelance & BGCI

I am a science communicator - in the early part of my career but learning quickly.  My main platform is The Curious Environmentalist but I also have a personal website and I have recently started a newsletter on Substack. I currently write and do podcasts, but I am hoping to expand into videos too. My whole ethos is about making science accessible to anyone who is curious.  I'd love to connect! 
Simon Hedges

Conservation Design and Planning Manager, ZSL

I have over 30 years of experience of species conservation and protected area management; human–wildlife conflict mitigation; countering the illegal wildlife trade; conservation-related research; biodiversity surveys; monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL); impact evaluation; and wildlife policy formulation, including the writing and implementation of action plans. Much of my time since 1988 has been spent in Asia and, from 2007, Asia and Africa. I spent the 1990s living and working in protected areas in Java, advising on their management with a particular focus on ungulates, wild dogs, and leopards. From 1998, I focused on elephants, particularly on the development of reliable monitoring methods, human–elephant conflict mitigation, and, since 2004, the ivory trade and the illegal killing of elephants. I worked for the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) for 18 years, working to conserve elephants in partnership with other NGOs, communities, and governments, and ultimately coordinating WCS’s elephant conservation work in Asia and Africa. In February 2018, I co-founded the NGO, Asian Arks, and served as its CEO until September 2020 with the aim of replicating and extending models of directly managing protected areas under long-term agreements with governments and communities, which the NGO African Parks and others have shown to be successful. From early 2018, I also worked as an independent consultant, partly to support the work of Asian Arks, which as a start-up was unable to pay for full-time staff. Consultancy projects completed include advising the Government of Mozambique on CITES policy, development of a threat monitoring protocol for protected areas and biodiversity offset sites in the Lao PDR, and a human–elephant conflict mitigation strategy for the Government of Gabon. Since December 2021, I have been employed by ZSL to lead the development of a robust conservation planning process to help ZSL’s teams design effective and adaptive long-term conservation strategies and deliver conservation impact.
Bryan Dagaye

Rangeland Security Manager, Taita Taveta Wildlife Conservancies Association

I am a conservation enthusiast with a bias for wildlife fauna. I intend to specialize in project management. I am also looking for more opportunities in conservation all over the world, especially in the UK, USA, Canada, South Africa, Namibia, and Tanzania.
Rachel Stewart

Unemployed at the moment, n/a

Based in the UK. Passion for wildlife stems from living abroad and global travel to many national parks and protected areas in my youth and early adulthood. Degree qualifications in agricultural economics/rural resources/environmental policy. Worked in environmental consultancy projects and waste management (reduction, reuse, recycling) collaboration, campaigns, education and service. Volunteered part time 2010-2019 for wildlife charities (education/interpretation) and a national park (species surveys and water quality monitoring). Refreshed knowledge of ecology through online introductory course 2014. Completed certificate in ecological consultancy 2020 under lockdown and gained qualifying membership of CIEEM. Now wanting to mould and formalise project management experience in the wildlife conservation arena (while still in lockdown!) Feel the combination of skills and experience means I have a useful and valuable contribution to make towards improving the UK's biodiversity and state of nature, which has taken a big hit in the last decade. Would like to do this in a paid capacity, but definitely in a volunteer role if that's all I can find to start with! Have already started making a contribution.
Beckie Garbett

Project Manager - Southern African Leopard Initiative, Panthera

Natalie (Tally) Yoh

Postdoctoral researcher, UW-Madison

I am a conservation scientist focused on understanding the impacts of landscape-scale disturbance on tropical biodiversity. I’m particularly interested in how we can combine acoustic technologies and machine learning to quantitatively assess these impacts, as well as assess the effectiveness of conservation initiatives. I'm currently a postdoc researcher at the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies, UW-Madison using soundscapes to assess the value of forest certification for wildlife in logged forests in Gabon. Previously, I completed my PhD at the Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology focused on bats in Borneo. 
Teresia Robitschko

Development Director, The Sloth Conservation Foundation

Zoe Lieb

Project Coordinator, National Geographic Society

Zoë Lieb is the project coordinator on the Field Engagement team for the Allen Coral Atlas. Coming from a conservation biology background, she was the in-country manager and primary investigator for the Mongolian Bankhar Dog Project for two years, working towards culturally oriented solutions to human-wildlife conflict issues among nomadic herding communities. She has also worked as a marine observer collecting management data for Alaskan crab fisheries and other data collection positions. She received her MSc in Conservation Biology from University of Kent in the United Kingdom in 2019. Her expertise includes program development, quantitative and qualitative analysis, and community-supported conservation strategies.
Richard Dawson

Director, Wild Awake

I am an educator and project manager with over 20 years practice in education for sustainable development and learning from nature. My focus is on helping organisations to improve the quality of their learning provision for a sustainable future and enhance their ability to deliver projects effectively with lasting benefits. I have worked in over 30 countries with NGOs, government, business and civil society organisations. I established Wild Awake as a not-for-profit social enterprise. Its purpose is to develop and provide learning which inspires change towards a more sustainable planet, and support people to live healthy and happy lives which respect natural limits. It achieves this through providing learning which reconnects people with the natural world through first-hand experience. It brings educational expertise in terms of curriculum development, writing activities, training and consultancy in pursuit of this. I bring over 20 years of practical experience in the field of education, delivering a range of projects focusing on climate change and education for sustainable development. I have worked cross-sector with governments, civil society and academic partners to analyse, design and implement education programmes which address a sustainable future and empower people with hopeful solutions for their future. I bring a strong track record of delivering complex projects with diverse partners. This is supported by excellent technical knowledge of climate change, environmental management and sustainable development, backed by good communication skills to deliver effective messages. Specialties: Effective learning and teaching, education for sustainable development, organisational capacity building, strategic and project planning and management, learning from nature, training skills, effective communication, education management.
Rebecca Jefferson

Founder and Director , Human Nature

I am a social scientist and passionate about increasing the application of social science research and methods in the conservation sector. To do this, I founded Human Nature. Human Nature is a social enterprise empowering conservation professionals to use social sciences to impact people and planet. We provide training and mentorship to NGOs, academics, policy makers and others wishing to build their foundations in social science. Many people working in conservation have trained through natural science routes, and find themselves needing to better understand the people elements of ecosystems. Social science provides the tools do this. Please get in touch if you are interested in hearing more about what we do.  You can contact me at
Lucia Chmurova

Conservation Officer - Magnificent Meadows Wales Project, Plantlife

Nadim Parves

Senior Coordinator, Wildlife Conservation Society

Leah Winstead

IT department Head / Illegal Wildlife Trafficking Coordinator, Project Neofelis / Tour Operator Guide, U.S. Navy / S.P.E.C.I.E.S./ San Diego Zoo Global

Lindsey Elliott

Freelance Consultant and Researcher, Self Employed

A year ago I decided to quit my job as a Senior Consultant to go freelance and I haven't looked back! I have an extensive background within conservation and am looking to flexibly apply my skills towards positive societal change. My strengths include: social science expertise, systems thinking & change, engaging diverse perspectives, strategic thinking & project design, interdisciplinarity, action research, and collaboration.  Please get in touch ( to discuss how I could support you with the development of a new project or if you need additional capacity on existing work.
Leander Lacy

CEO, Lacy Consulting Services

Kaitlyn Elverson

Engagement Officer, Buglife

Hello, I'm 25 and currently based in Worcestershire, UK. I graduated from Nottingham Trent University in 2019 with a BSc in Wildlife Conservation. 
Mary-Anne (MAC) Collis

Countryside ranger, West Dunbartonshire Council

Jayson Carungay Ibanez

Director - Research and Conservation, Philippine Eagle Foundation