Xyomara Carretero Pinzon

Director, Zocay Project

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Replying to Thirza Loffeld

Hi Xyo, many thanks for your inspiring and honest words. I really appreciate that you shared with our community how you overcame the negative repercussions of working in a toxic culture of bullying at your previous workplace by re-connecting with your source of energy and satisfaction: field work. Your story highlights your resilience, how you positively adapted to the challenges you met along the way. It was also wonderful to read about the success of your Zocay Project! May I ask which benefits for the local wildlife you have observed so far? 

Hi Thirza, thank you for your words. The main benefits for wildlife is that we are now observing bird and mammal species that we did't observe 16 years ago. Althougth they were in the region, those species were not present in the farms were we were working when we started. And the monkeys are moving between fragments in a way they didn't used before thanks to more connectivity