The Climate Crisis: staying positive

Two members of the group Authors & Educators on a Mission discuss the importance of staying optimistic and how they cope with the daunting subject of climate change.

The climate crisis can become an overwhelming cause for anxiety in many people, particularly today's youth who perceive an uncertain future. One of the aims of Authors & Educators on a Mission is to mitigate the sense of doom and gloom with messages of positive climate action and individual empowerment. 

Authors @Kevin Albin and Alan J. Hesse have chat with WildHub Festival 2021 moderator @Lucy Tallents about how they cope with their own climate misgivings and how this reflects in their work. 

Clip extracted from the WildHub Festival 2021 event 'A fire-side chat with Authors & Educators on a Mission', hosted by @Lucy Tallents and @Thirza Loffeld

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Go to the profile of Thirza Loffeld
about 1 year ago

Thanks for sharing this valuable video clip, Alan! @Kevin Albin , interesting to hear about your work as a mental health first aider. Would you perhaps have any easy-to-understand resources that you could share with our community about developing useful coping mechanisms to help stay positive and avoid becoming overwhelmed when working in the conservation and environmental sectors? Thanks!

Go to the profile of Kevin Albin
about 1 year ago

Hi Thirza,

I've added a piece in Well-being and Resilience on reasons to be positive. 

As a mental health first aider, I volunteer with JoinZeal, which is a great resource for folk who just need a chat with a non-judgemental listener. There are many organisations out here to help people with more serious mental health issues, whereas this App aims to help those just struggling with perhaps a bad day. The App also has analytics and informative articles and can be found here 

Go to the profile of Thirza Loffeld
about 1 year ago

Hi Kevin, Thank you for this useful resource named JoinZeal, much appreciated! I have added a question to your latest lessons learned piece. Thanks again!

Go to the profile of Rebecca Hansell
about 1 year ago

It's so interesting to hear about your work and the insights you have provided here! It's so great to have video content as an option here on WildHub - thanks so much for sharing! :) 

Go to the profile of Alan J. Hesse
about 1 year ago

Thanks Rebecca!