Hi! I’m Shera!

So excited to meet you all!
Hi! I’m Shera!

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My name is Sheherazade or Shera for short, and I am the President of Tambora Muda Indonesia (tamboramuda.org), a national level network established in 2015 that aims to build the capacity of Indonesian young conservationists.

Laughing in the field

My main job is at Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) Indonesia Program as a Conservation Science Specialist. I obtained B.Sc. in biology at Universitas Indonesia, then M.Sc. in wildlife ecology and conservation at the University of Florida.

I am originally from Sulawesi (the weird-looking island exactly in the middle part of Indonesia haha), well-known for its endemic animals that you could not find at anywhere else in the world. Before joining WCS (I am still doing it), I have dedicated most of my life on this island, working on a range of issues, such as conducting research on ecosystem services and bushmeat trade, establishing a community-based conservation (poniki.id), and advocating the conservation of neglected yet threatened species. The passion for biodiversity conservation is something that my friends and I want to inspire through Tambora Muda while supporting the young people to achieve their dream working in this field like us. Training, seminars, live talks, and the most recent and fun one, Conservation Camp, are examples of what we have been doing in Tambora to create knowledgeable and skillful future conservationists, which Indonesia and the world need for!

Explaining ‘how to set up camera traps’ during Conservation Camp in Bali Barat National Park

Oh! I am obsessed at round animals, like dugong, wombat, capybara, and quokka haha, but my fav one of all times is flying foxes, large frugivorous bats, an animal that I have been working 'with' haha since 2013.

An adorable flying fox captured in Sulawesi for research purposes (it was then released).

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Go to the profile of SUSAN CHEYNE
about 4 years ago

Welcome to the community :-) I have a question: what do you think is needed most to help support young Indonesian conservationists? There are so many amazing people and I wonder if NGO's can do more to help?