Michaela (Micha) Lo

PhD student, University of Kent

About Michaela (Micha) Lo

I am a PhD candidate at the Durrell Institute of Conseration Ecology (DICE), hosted at the University of Kent. My research focuses on how land use change influences human well-being in central Indonesia. My background is in tropical forestry and development. Other research interests include the application of food systems thinking in forestry issues, biodiversity and food security at the forest-water interface, and the management of multifunctional landscapes across the tropics. I am a keen advocate of strengthening international and inclusive collaborations in forest and conservation research. I have a deep love for baking (please share with me your recipes!), basketball and peanut butter 🤩

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Recent Comments

Mar 19, 2020

Very informative video, thank you Thirza and Beth!

For my housemates and I, we are used to walking to campus as part of our routine in gearing us up to work! So, to adapt to the current situation, my housemate suggested walking around the block to give your body the impression that you were 'going to university.' I thought this was a neat tip.

As you both say in the video, the transition from working outside to working from home (WFH) is very sudden for most, and it is okay to not get it right the first time. I think some of us feel a bit intimidated when we see people, particuarly on social media, who appear to have already organised their WFH lifestyle with ease. For those who are also struggling with the transition, you are not alone, it may take some time to find your own schedule and routine. As you said, just try, play around, ask for advice, and see what works best for you! :)