Working from home chat Thirza and Beth



At WildTeam we have always worked from home, which I feel extremely lucky about right now. We realise that for many it will be a new thing, or at least doing it full time will be new, and that might bring challenges. Therefore, Thirza and I recorded this chat earlier about challenges and solutions that apply to working from home. We would be really interested to hear what tips you have for working from home. For example, tips about:

  • Setting up a good work space
  • Scheduling your day
  • Communications with colleagues
  • Finding a work/life balance. 

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts. Thanks all! 



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over 2 years ago

Very informative video, thank you Thirza and Beth!

For my housemates and I, we are used to walking to campus as part of our routine in gearing us up to work! So, to adapt to the current situation, my housemate suggested walking around the block to give your body the impression that you were 'going to university.' I thought this was a neat tip.

As you both say in the video, the transition from working outside to working from home (WFH) is very sudden for most, and it is okay to not get it right the first time. I think some of us feel a bit intimidated when we see people, particuarly on social media, who appear to have already organised their WFH lifestyle with ease. For those who are also struggling with the transition, you are not alone, it may take some time to find your own schedule and routine. As you said, just try, play around, ask for advice, and see what works best for you! :) 

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over 2 years ago

Hi Micha, that is such a great idea! I love how you and your housemates created this solution to sticking with your routine that helps you gear up to work. 

I also agree with you that we shouldn't make it into a competition in who gets it right in WFH. That's what I like about creating a supportive space here, within WildHub community, where people are able to share tips & advice; it's with the goal to help each other. 

Another thing that Beth and I thought of later (and is a bit linked to your outdoor routine suggestion) is this one: Have plants around - plants always cheer up a space. They don't need to be hard to look after plants, even a cactus will brighten up a work space

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almost 2 years ago

I really enjoyed this today, but didn't reply earlier as I realised I was suddenly doing work-related surfing on a sat before friends came! 

Work space sorted, Scheduling and planning through HUBSPOT CRM, tasks and meeting organiser. We also ensure we have a written task list by 10am after a zoom call from about 9am.

I loved the bit about morning check-ins and also will take on board the Monday mornings motivation, I am unsure whether I am or have a large enough team to do a zoom video or message but I think me and my other director will try this. I will definitely try this!  we always ask how we have been as we are friends firstly. 

I love the outdoors and definitely get out for 1hr in the day, usually 30 mins at lunch and 15 mins at breaks in the day!

I also read PositiveNews! 

I look forward to hearing more.

Thank you!