Conservation Connector: Flávia Martinelli

Please join me in congratulating Flávia Martinelli by placing a comment below this post. Flávia achieved the WildHub Conservation Connector status, meaning that she made a significant contribution to our community by connecting us to opportunities this past year, such as job positions and events.
Conservation Connector: Flávia Martinelli

In the third year of WildHub (2022), Flávia made a significant contribution to our community’s overall goal of exchanging information to enable better and faster conservation that helps save more wildlife. Please join me in congratulating Flávia Martinelli on achieving the WildHub Conservation Connector status in 2022! Conservation Connectors are our Core Community members who connect the community to opportunities, such as job positions and events. 

Flávia has just started a new job as Climate Change Specialist at WWF-Brazil (congrats again, Flávia!). Despite a busy year, she regularly managed to share opportunities and became a Key Connector with WildHub by sharing her 12th contribution in 2022.

I had the opportunity to connect with Flávia just before Christmas and asked her how she experienced being part of our community this last year. Please find her answers below. 

Thirza: "What were the most positive benefits to being a WildHub member this last year 2022 for you?"

Flávia: “The possibility to share information and job opportunities with a global community. I contribute to other national platforms from Brazil, but it's not the same since WildHub has people from different places and backgrounds, allowing me to share the information with a more broad audience."

Thirza: "What helped you to share opportunities with the WildHub community this year 2022?" 

Flávia: “The platform is easy to engage with, with simple tools and channels. In addition, I know how serious the work is from the WildHub Team, which brings reliability to the network."

Thirza: "What does it mean to you to be a WildHub Core Community member?" 

Flávia: “To be able to express myself with a very interested and engaged community of conservationists."

Thirza: "What would be your vision for the WildHub community moving forwards?" 

Flávia's vision for WildHub: "More and more to be a safe space for people from different countries and backgrounds to collaborate and share knowledge/opportunities in conservation!" (Flávia Martinelli, WWF-Brazil)

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Have you benefited from Flávia’s opportunities? Follow her on WildHub (profile here) and add how her contributions have made a difference to you in the comment section below.

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Go to the profile of Christine Tansey
over 1 year ago

Congratulations @Flavia Martinelli - great to see your efforts in connecting more of our community from around the world!

Go to the profile of Lucy Boddam-Whetham
over 1 year ago


Go to the profile of Flavia Martinelli
over 1 year ago

Thanks, Thirza. It's my pleasure to contribute with WildHub. Hope I can do more of this in 2023 :)

Go to the profile of Alan J. Hesse
over 1 year ago

A bit late perhaps but congratulations @Flavia Martinelli on being a WH Connector! 

Go to the profile of Lara Reden
about 1 year ago

Congrats, Flavia!

Congratulations Flavia!!!

Well done.