Creating connections~

Stoked to connect with the WildHub massive!
Creating connections~

~ Massive green greetings Wildhubbers! ~

I love this space and am increasingly inspired by the content, the sense of collective motivation and latent potential of this much-needed feels a long time coming...

Fairly standard splurge for my intro...though first a slither of context...I am now based back in the UK after almost 9 years living full time in Indonesia. It has been quite an emotional and challenging transition and I am still realigning myself to this very different socio-cultural surrounds. However, I have relished the reconnection with the stunning English countryside and am humbled and deeply grateful for all that we have here. I am still running the programme in Indo and will always be rooted there also, though largely based here for now...

So my name is Harry, I am the Programme Director for Selamatkan Yaki, an integrated species conservation programme based in Northern Sulawesi, Indonesia, where I am responsible for planning and rolling out various projects to work towards our objectives across a multiple year framework. Our programme works towards protecting the habitat and remaining populations of the Critically Endangered Sulawesi crested black macaque (Macaca nigra), through innovative strategies grounded in behaviour change theory, helping build connections between communities and nature, fostering intrinsic values to nature, empowering locals to discover alternatives to hunting and other exploitative practices, and building capacity within local communities.

I am also the Co-Founder of Lestari Environmental Education Consultancy. Lestari facilitates the transformation of communities and society, working within the social and environmental sciences to combine education and conservation practice with sustainability, behaviour change, and principles of nature connection. We collaborate with NGO’s, universities, governments and businesses to deliver high-impact projects and implement innovative strategies for change.

In addition to these central roles, I am finalising a part time PhD in Human Geography, primarily focused on the understudied area of conservation advocacy and connectedness to nature. Through ethnographic fieldwork I have uncovered fascinating relationships between the highly prosocial communities and the natural world, with rich insights into their empathic capacity and value orientations, illuminating the pathways toward the potentiality for more harmonious relationships with nature. 

I would love to connect with more of you in this community and look forward to potential collaborations, working together to galvanise this movement for positive change and amplifying our impact to protect this precious and beautiful planet of ours. 

With peace, optimism and determination to help cultivate a global culture of care. X~

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Go to the profile of Michael Cunningham
over 2 years ago

Lovely to see your work and wishing you all the best for the future and running things from back here in the UK.

I was in Indonesia with Blue Ventures for an expedition, educating locals and surveying Coral and Fish species off the shores of a small island; Atauro in the coral triangle near Timor-leste in Indonesia.

I have visited much of Indonesia there is so much of the world to see however I fear I may never go to Northern Sulawesi due to my commitment to not flying unless for a very important conservation reason.

Following you and hope we can connect on linkedIn also!

Mike C