Free for download: Agromisa booklets on agriculture, forestry, food preservation, water and soil, and much, much more

Much of nature conservation is related to sustainable agriculture, food production, fisheries, water, forest and land management. Often, this tends to correlate with practicing these activities with modest means. This used to be the turf of a strand of 20th century development aid.
Free for download: Agromisa booklets on agriculture, forestry, food preservation, water and soil, and much, much more

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Agromisa foundation brought agricultural know-how from Wageningen University ( The Netherlands ) to rural areas in developing countries. It's predecessor was a catholic student association from the 1930's that started a question-and-answer service operating through missionaries. Later on, the catholic mission angle disappeared. The Dutch catholic church continued to be a strong financial supporter and their missions continued to be a source of questions. Besides to them, the Q&A service was provided free of charge to everybody poor enough to buy consultancy services but rich enough to send a letter.

In 1973, Agromisa started publishing small introductory booklets covering a wide variety of topics: animal husbandry, agro forestry, food preservation, compost production, erosion control, rain water harvesting, and much more. ( I copied the entire publication list below, so that this post can be easily found. ). They were all written for a relatively poor and rural audience in tropical countries. The booklets were systematically published in English and French. Some also in Spanish or Portuguese.

Agromisa seems to have ceased its activities, but the booklets are still available online. The publication dates range from 2002 to 2016. The first 1973 publication has gone through six edition with the most recent one from 2011.

I believe they still are an excellent source for practical information on how to do things that keep us humans alive in a way that keeps nature in good shape.

The booklets can be downloaded from :

More on the history of Agromisa :

Photo : Christian West

1 Pig keeping in the tropics, No 1 2011 Animal production English
1 L’élevage des porcs dans les zones tropicales 2011 Production animale français
1 Criação de porcos nas regiões tropicais 2011 Produção animal Português
2 Soil fertility management, No 2 2005 Soil, Water & Environment English
2 Gérer la fertilité du sol 2005 Sol, eau et environment français
2 Maneio da fertilidade do solo 2003 Solo, água e meio ambiente Português
3 Preservation of fruit and vegetables, No 3 2003 Food Processing English
3 La conservation des fruits et des légumes 2003 Traitement alimentaire français
3 Conservação de frutos e legumes 2003 Processamento de comida Português
4 Small-scale chicken production, No 4 2006 Animal production English
4 L’élevage des poules à petite échelle 2006 Production animale français
4 Criação de galinhas em pequena escala 2006 Produção animal Português
5 Fruit growing in the tropics, No 5 2006 Plant Production English
5 La culture fruitière dans les zones tropicales 2006 Production végétale français
5 A fruticultura nas regiões tropicais 2006 Produção vegetal Português
6 Simple construction surveying, No 6 2005 Soil, Water & Environment English
6 Mesures de topographie pour le génie rural 2005 Sol, eau et environment français
6 Levantamentos topográficos simples aplicados às áreas rurais 2005 Solo, água e meio ambiente Português
7 Goat keeping in the tropics, No 7 2004 Animal production English
7 L’élevage de chèvres dans les zones tropicales 2004 Production animale français
7 Criação de cabras nas regiões tropicais 2004 Produção animal Português
8 The preparation and use of compost, No 8 2005 Soil, Water & Environment English
8 La fabrication et l’utilisation du compost 2005 Sol, eau et environment français
8 Preparação e utilização de composto 2005 Solo, água e meio ambiente Português
9 The home garden in the tropics, No 9 2008 Plant Production English
9 Le jardin potager dans les zones tropicales 2008 Production végétale français
9 A horta de quintal nas regiões tropicais 2008 Produção vegetal Português
10 Cultivation of soya and other legumes, No 10 2005 Plant Production English
10 La culture du soja et d’autres légumineuses 2005 Production végétale français
10 A cultura de soja e de outras leguminosas 2003 Produção vegetal Português
11 Erosion control in the tropics, No 11 2004 Soil, Water & Environment English
11 La protection des sols contre l’érosion dans les tropiques 2004 Sol, eau et environment français
11 Luta anti-erosiva nas regiões tropicais 2005 Solo, água e meio ambiente Português
12 Preservation of fish and meat, No 12 2005 Food Processing English
12 La conservation du poisson et de la viande 2005 Traitement alimentaire français
12 Conservação de peixe e carne 2005 Processamento de comida Português
13 Water harvesting and soil moisture retention, No 13 2004 Soil, Water & Environment English
13 La collecte de l’eau et la retention de l’humidité du sol 2004 Sol, eau et environment français
13 Recolha de água e retenção da humidade do solo 2005 Solo, água e meio ambiente Português
14 Dairy cattle husbandry, No 14 2008 Animal production English
14 L’élevage des vaches laitières 2008 Production animale français
14 Criação de gado leitero 2008 Produção animal Português
15 Freshwater fish farming, No 15 2008 Animal production English
15 La pisciculture à petite échelle en eau douce 2008 Production animale français
15 Piscicultura de água doce em pequena escala 2008 Produção animal Português
16 Agroforestry, No 16 2003 Plant Production English
16 L’Agroforesterie 2003 Production végétale français
16 Agrossilvicultura 2003 Produção vegetal Português
17 Cultivation of tomato, No 17 2005 Plant Production English
17 La culture de la tomate 2005 Production végétale français
17 A cultura do tomate 2006 Produção vegetal Português
18 Protection of stored grains and pulses, No 18 2005 Food Processing English
18 Protection des céréales et des légumineuses stockées 2004 Traitement alimentaire français
18 Protecção dos grãos de cereais e de leguminosas 2003 Processamento de comida Português
19 Propagating and planting trees, No 19 2008 Plant Production English
19 Multiplier et planter des arbres 2005 Production végétale français
19 Propagação e plantio de árvores 2005 Produção vegetal Português
20 Backyard rabbit farming, No 20 2004 Animal production English
20 L’élevage des lapins dans les zones tropicales 2008 Production animale français
20 Criação de coelhos nas regiões tropicais 2008 Produção animal Português
21 On-farm fish culture, No 21 2004 Animal production English
21 La pisciculture à la ferme 2004 Production animale français
21 A piscicultura dentro de um sistema de produção integrado 2004 Produção animal Português
22 Small-scale production of weaning foods, No 22 2005 Food Processing English
22 La fabrication à petite échelle des aliments de sevrage 2005 Traitement alimentaire français
22 Produção de alimentos de desmame em pequena escala 2005 Processamento de comida Português
23 Protected cultivation, No 23 2004 Plant Production English
23 Agriculture sous abri 2004 Production végétale français
23 Culturas protegidas 2005 Produção vegetal Português
24 Urban Agriculture, No 24 2005 Plant Production English
24 L’agriculture urbaine 2005 Production végétale français
24 Agricultura urbana 2005 Produção vegetal Português
25 Granaries, No 25 2005 Plant Production English
25 Les greniers 2005 Production végétale français
25 Celeiros 2005 Produção vegetal Português
26 Marketing for small-scale producers, No 26 2005 Economics English
26 Commercialisation: Le marketing pour les producteurs artisanaux 2005 Économie français
26 Comercialização destinada a pequenos produtores 2002 Economia Português
27 Water points for livestock, No 27 2004 Soil, Water & Environment English
27 Créer et gérer un point d’eau pour les troupeaux de son village 2004 Sol, eau et environment français
27 Criação e maneio de pontos de água para o gado da aldeia 2004 Solo, água e meio ambiente Português
28 Identification of crop damage, No 28 2004 Plant Production English
28 Identification des dégâts causés aux plantes 2004 Production végétale français
28 Identificação de danos nas culturas 2004 Produção vegetal Português
29 Pesticides: compounds, use and hazards, No 29 2004 Plant Production English
29 Les pesticides: composition, utilisation et risques 2004 Production végétale français
29 Pesticidas: compostos, usos e perigos 2005 Produção vegetal Português
30 Non-chemical crop protection, No 30 2004 Plant Production English
30 La protection non chimique des cultures 2007 Production végétale français
30 Proteção não química das culturas 2007 Produção vegetal Português
31 The storage of tropical agricultural products, No 31 2007 Food Processing English
31 Le stockage des produits agricoles tropicaux 2004 Traitement alimentaire français
31 Armazenamento de produtos agrícolas 2011 Processamento de comida Português
32 Beekeeping in the tropics, No 32 2004 Animal production English
32 L’apiculture dans les zones tropicales 2005 Production animale français
32 A apicultura nas regiões tropicais 2011 Produção animal Português
33 Duck keeping in the tropics, No 33 2004 Animal production English
33 L’élevage de canards 2004 Production animale français
33 Criação de patos nas regiões tropicais 2003 Produção animal Português
34 Hatching eggs by hens or in an incubator, No 34 2003 Animal production English
34 L’incubation des oefs par les poules et en couveuse 2003 Production animale français
34 A incubação de ovos por galinhas e na incubadora 2004 Produção animal Português
35 Donkeys for traction and tillage, No 35 2004 Animal production English
35 Utilisation des ânes pour la traction et le labour 2004 Production animale français
35 A utilização de burros para transporte e lavoura 2004 Produção animal Português
36 Preparation of dairy products, No 36 2006 Food Processing English
36 La préparation de laitages 2006 Traitement alimentaire français
36 A preparação de lacticínios 2006 Processamento de comida Português
37 Small-scale seed production, No 37 2004 Plant Production English
37 Production de semences à petite échelle
légumineuses à graines
2004 Production végétale français
37 Produção de sementes em pequena escala 2005 Produção vegetal Português
38 Starting a cooperative, No 38, 2006 Economics English
38 Comment créer une coopérative 2006 Économie français
38 Iniciar uma cooperativa 2006 Economia Português
38 Iniciar una cooperativa 2006 Economía Spanish/ Espagñol
39 Non-timber forest products, No 39 2006 Plant Production English
39 Les produits forestiers autres que le bois d’oeuvre 2006 Production végétale français
39 Produtos florestais não-madeireiros 2006 Produção vegetal Português
40 Small-scale mushroom cultivation, No 40 2006 Plant Production English
40 La culture des champignons à petite échelle 2006 Production végétale français
40 A cultura de cogumelos em pequena escala 2006 Produção vegetal Português
40 Buswtani za uyoga kwa wakulima wadogo vijijini 2008 Plant production Kiswahili
41 Small-scale mushroom cultivation, No 41 2007 Plant Production English
41 Culture à petite échelle de champignons – 2 2007 Production végétale français
41 O cultivo de cogumelos em pequena escala – 2 2007 Produção vegetal Português
42 Bee products, No 42 2006 Animal production English
42 Produits de l’apiculture 2006 Production animale français
42 Produtos apícolas 2006 Produção animal Português
42 Mazao ya Nyuki 2010 Animal production Kiswahili
43 Rainwater harvesting for domestic use, No 43 2006 Soil, Water & Environment English
43 La collecte de l’eau de pluie à usage domestique 2006 Sol, eau et environment français
43 Recolha de água da chuva para uso doméstico 2006 Solo, água e meio ambiente Português
44 Ethnoveterinary medicine, No 44 2007 Animal production English
44 Ethnomédecine vétérinaire 2007 Production animale français
44 Medicina etnoveterinária 2007 Produção animal Português
45 HIV/AIDs in small-scale farming, No 45 2008 Miscelenious English
45 Atténuer les effets du VIH/SIDA dans les petites exploitations agricoles 2008 Divers français
45 Mitigação dos efeitos do VIH/SIDA na agricultura de pequena escala
pequena escala
2008 Diversos Português
46 Zoonoses, No 46 2008 Animal production English
46 Les zoonoses 2008 Production animale français
46 Zoonoses 2008 Produção animal Português
47 Snail farming, No 47 2008 Animal production English
47 L’elevage d’escargots 2008 Production animale français
47 A cultura de caraçóis 2008 Produção animal Português
48 Entering the organic export market, No 48 2011 Economics English
48 L’exportation des produits biologiques 2011 Économie français
48 A exportacao de produtos organicos 2011 Economia Português
49 The Rural Finance Landscape, No 49 2008 Economics English
49 Paysage de la finance rurale 2008 Économie français
49 Panorama das finanças rurais 2008 Economia Português
50 Packaging of agricultural products No 50 2011 Food Processing English
50 Le conditionnement des produits agricoles 2011 Traitement alimentaire français
50 Armazenamento de produtos agrícolas 2011 Processamento de comida Português
51 Improving lowland rice cultivation, No 51 2014 Plant Production English
51 Améliorer cla riziculture de bas-fonds 2014 Production végétale français
52 Backyard grasscutter keeping, No 52 2014 Animal production English
52 L’elevage familial d’aulocodes 2014 Production animale français
53 Crop residues for animal feed, No 53 2015 Animal production English
53 Les résidus de cultures pour l’alimentation animale 2015 Production animale français
54 Edible insects in Africa, No 54 2015 Animal production English
54 Insectes comestibles en Afrique 2015 Production animale français
55 Beef production, No 55 2016 Animal production English
55 La production de viande bovine 2016 Production animale français

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