Holland is calling: tiger-centric specialism

Since 2012 I've been involved in advocating for tigers, not only the ones in the wild. Read more about me, about my recent activities and how I might be of help.
Holland is calling: tiger-centric specialism

Short introduction

My expertise is mostly in non-conservational elements. I've worked in management positions in sales and marketing for more than 20 years, before I had a career change into consultancy and interim management. My interests are in human development, change management (creativity), behavioural change and risk management.

In 2012 my life changed when I (finally) realised the conditions of tigers in the wild and in captivity. At that point in life I decided to act and in 2013 I embarked on an awareness campaign through (former) tiger range countries. During 6 months I spoke in 24 countries with more than 300 people in nature/tiger conservation, more than 100 journalists and with more than 60 NGOs about what's happening with tigers. 

With more than 250 million people reading about tiger farming, TCM, buddhist monks, palm oil, corruption, poaching, prey bases and other tiger-related subjects, one can say the project was a success.

But not for me. It only proved a lot more needed and still needs to be done to ensure a much better future for tigers, also the ones in captivity.

In the last years I've been involved in several projects regarding tiger conservation. I like to work behind the scenes, to empower people in order to help them achieving great things. However, I'm also involved in two more prominent activities.

Wildlife Advocates Foundation

With the help of some great people this growing foundation helps captive wildlife from awful conditions. We know these animals can't be released back into the wild, so instead we make sure that the animals we help (up until now tigers and lions) get their life back. We move them to ethical sanctuaries so they can live the rest of their life in the best care and with all the space that they can handle. Click here to take a look at what the Wildlife Advocates Foundation is about.


Spreading awareness on tiger issues is also spreading the news about tigers. The more people know about the issues, the better. To me everything starts with awareness. If a person is unaware, the person won't act. Someone who is aware has a choice to become active. I am aiming to get more and more people active in creating better conditions for tigers, in the wild and in captivity. This is why I founded the IATA-platform, which has also become a valuable source of tiger-related data.

IATA stands for "I Am A Tiger Advocate". Just take a look at the website and learn what's happening with tigers.  

Click here to take a look at the website of I Am A Tiger Advocate.

Help needed?

If you're part of the WildHub-community and working in tiger conservation, I am happy to connect with you. I can offer you my help on my expertise, with an extensive tiger database, and large network within tiger conservation. 


Go to the profile of Adam Barlow
11 months ago

Hi Chris, I have also worked on tiger conservation. I am not so involved now but glad to hear about your work and be connected in case there is opportunities for collaboration in the future. Cheers, Adam

Go to the profile of Chris Slappendel
11 months ago

Hello Adam, I remember. You worked with WildTeam in Dhaka. WildTeam helped me with my trip into the Sundarbans. Got impressed by their behavioural change work! Perhaps we can collaborate in the future. Best - Chris