Poll: Topics for online GIS refresher sessions

Seeking input on topics for free online GIS refresher sessions in May, in preparation for a free introductory course in June/July

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UPDATE - The top two topics, to be taught in May, are:

  1. Finding and using free environmental data
  2. Combining data from GPSs and field records

You can learn more and apply here.

I'm offering a free introductory online course in GIS in June/July as my contribution to the 2021 programme of Open Education for a Better World, tackling the Sustainable Development Goals using open education.

Before I teach the full course, I'll run several taster sessions in May, to get feedback on my teaching approach and learning materials. I value your input on what topic these tasters should be - please complete the poll to indicate your preferred topics and help me decide. I welcome input from potential participants and managers who are aware of the most common problems their colleagues encounter when using GIS.

The poll is open until Thursday 15th April, and you can see everyone's choices after you place your own votes. Responses are anonymous, so if you'd like to secure a place on the tasters or full course, please comment or email me on lucy.tallents@verdantlearn.com. Any questions, please ask below. Thank you very much for your input!


If you can't see the embedded poll below, please go to https://www.menti.com/7o896az85o, or visit menti.com and enter the voting code 3946 9828, or scan this QR code:

QR code to access poll

Further information

The full course is aimed at complete beginners, but the tasters will be designed as quick refresher sessions, to help you improve your GIS practice and tackle common problems when working with spatial data. Each taster session will be open to around 10 people, so I can provide individual feedback.

The tasters and courses will both be taught using QGIS, a free, open source GIS software with the power and flexibility of ArcGIS.

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Go to the profile of Ryan Kinaid
6 months ago

Hi Lucy,

I would be interested in taking the full beginner course if you have any places left.

Go to the profile of Lucy Tallents
6 months ago

I'll add your name to the list, Ryan - I've had some responses by email also.  I'm hosting a virtual conference this weekend so a bit busy this week!  I'll review all the emails next week and comment again here then.  Thanks.

Go to the profile of Cath Coutinho
6 months ago

Hi Lucy, I would also be interested in taking the full beginner course and at this stage it would be useful to know any financial costs and times of training if possible?



Go to the profile of Lucy Tallents
6 months ago

Thanks for your interest, Cath.  The full beginner course will be free of charge, and a larger cohort than I usually teach, depending on demand (my normal class sizes are 15-25).  The course will be part-time online, and most activities will be asynchronous so the time commitment will be flexible to suit your schedule.  Any live sessions will be offered at multiple times to allow people to join from around the world.  I'll post more details in a separate WildHub post in due course.

Go to the profile of Lucy Tallents
6 months ago

Update: the two most popular choices for taster topics are:

1. Finding and using free environmental data
2. Combining data from GPSs and field records

I will be running these taster topics in the middle two weeks in May (one week each, part-time over several days).  I will advertise them in a separate post on WildHub, but you can express interest in a comment here too.

Thanks to all for your participation!