Training Resources

Conservation is an elaborate field. How do you find the training courses that are right for you?
Training Resources

Nobody can know everything, and learning something new is a great joy - Especially if the goal is to improve the state of the world that we all share.

Places you can look to gain more conservation knowledge include:

  • University programs (sometimes webinars are available to the public rather than just students)
  • Online training platforms (conservation-specific)
  • Online training platforms (generalized)
  • Books on conservation topics
  • Studies and articles about conservation
  • People in the field

Check your sources for credibility. Is the source a known expert on the topic? Is the source providing an objective perspective on the topic? Consider what isn't being covered. Other aspects to keep in mind when sourcing your material include:

  • Whether the source is a primary source (or how far removed it is) 
  • The language used in the material (Is there a lot of jargon?) 
  • The resources the source provides (How did this source get its information?)

Stay curious and ask questions. You never know who can help you find your desired training and resources.

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Go to the profile of Thirza Loffeld
5 months ago

Thanks for sharing Lara! 

Go to the profile of Chrissy
4 months ago

Great points, Lara! Some of these great resources can sometimes be overlooked. Thanks <3