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I have been working as a self-employed artist and musician since 2010 and am now studying marine biology with the aim of moving into the industry since the oceans and conservation have been a life-long passion.  

I found out about WildHub through the webinar on starting a conservation organisation. I am hoping to learn more from my time here and to meet new people.

Marine Biology
I am currently studying for a Diploma in marine biology and taking courses in programming (R, GIS and Python), statistics and data anaylsis alongside. I'm getting involved in voluntary work to gain experience, knowledge, practical skills and to make a difference where I can.

I've been writing songs since I was at school, producing and recording them myself and performing live solo or with various bands. Performance highlights include gigs in Los Angeles, Hamburg and numerous local festivals and organising community and charity events.

My art has largely been character based (often anime influenced), producing work for my own comics, animations and audio productions, fashion illustration, and doing commission work for others.

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