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Hi all! I'm Lucy and I'm currently studying MSc Sustainability and Ecology at the Centre of Alternative Technology.

I have an interest in IUCN red listed species, indigenous and local ecological knowledge, and habitat restoration.  I'm also interested in networking with other environmentalists, and gaining more experience within the sector through volunteering or gaining a part-time job.

I have previously worked as a higher education placement student at an  environmental education charity in the UK, so I'll be happy to share my experience and help people who are interested in the field.

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May 23, 2022
Replying to Lize Gibson-Hall

Hi Lucy,

Havent done a lot on carnivores but did do a few sensitivity reviews for marine species. Definitely worth looking at standardised literature sift methods - keeps you on track and methodical with what papers you are reading and helps you to identify key search terms so you don't end up down a rabbit hole of going from one paper to the next which I have done plenty of times :)

Basically what I learnt to do was use different search places for scientific papers using key words. Saved ones that looked like the title and abstract were relevant. 

Then went through them all and split them into most relevant (1) less relevant (2) and not really relevant (got rid of). Then you start with the ones in group 1 first and move onto group 2 until you feel you have enough evidence for your analysis/review 

Thank you Lize! That's really useful advice!

May 19, 2022
Replying to Frank van der Most

I'm no expert in wolves but I read about this famous re-wilding case of wolves being re-introduced into a US park where they indirectly even changed the course of rivers, which would make them helping out with water provision as an ecosystem service. If I remember correctly, the wolves cause the deer to move higher up in the mountains where they are safer from the wolves because they can see them coming, which meant that the deer stopped eating trees in the valleys, which in turn stopped erosion.

Thank you Frank! I think there was a documentary or video on this called 'How Wolves Change Rivers'. It a really interesting case study.

May 18, 2022
Replying to Thirza Loffeld

Hi Lucy, thanks for sharing this ask for help: I have added it to our "Collaborate and help others" room to make sure our members are notified of this new content. 

Linking in some other members here to help you get the support you need: Any thoughts @Magdalena , @Silvia Ribeiro , @Adam Roberts , @Alan Munro , @Rachel Stewart , @Jaima Smith ? Many thanks for your help! 

Re Meta-analysis method, have a look here at @Alec Christie 's resources here. 

Thank you Thirza! I really appreciate the help!

May 18, 2022
Replying to Alec Christie

Hi Lucy,

General advice on synthesis and meta-analysis can be found here:

Some carnivore examples of meta-analyses that I found on google scholar were: and and Not sure how good they are as the perceived 'quality' of meta-analyses varies a lot. There's this handbook too:

Good luck!

All the best,


Thank you Alec! I did hear the meta-analyses can vary a lot, but thank you for sharing some examples. I really appreciate it.