Rapid adaptation to e-learning: Video

Recording of the WildHub webinar 'Rapid adaptation to e-learning' from Thursday 26th March, https://wildhub.community/rooms/870-e-learning-and-online-training/posts/63829-wildhub-webinar-rapid-adaptation-to-e-learning

In this recorded webinar, Beth Robinson and I answer the following questions posed by Thirza Loffeld and webinar participants:

  • 03:49 - What are the main advantages of online learning?
  • 07:23 - Do I need specialist equipment to run online courses?
  • 09:25 - What's the minimum set of software I need?
  • 15:33 - How can I recreate a classroom feeling online?
  • 19:12 - What's the best strategy for a rapid pivot to e-learning?
  • 23:58 - How can I encourage active participation remotely?
  • 30:53 - What potential barriers are there to participating?
  • 36:09 - How can we all create a support network to help those switching to e-learning?
  • 39:57 - What should I consider when designing for e-learning?
  • 43:37 - What can I do with the free version of Kahoot?
  • 44:14 - How can I support a growing learning community online?
  • 48:37 - How can I replace field trips by providing experiential learning online?
  • 51:02 - How can I teach species identification online?
  • 54:54 - How can I run stakeholder workshops online?

If you're pressed for time and interested in specific answers, you can navigate to a particular question based on the chapters I added to the recording, or the timings above.

We hope it's a useful resource both for those of you moving online in this crisis situation, and as an introduction to e-learning design and implementation more broadly beyond it.

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Go to the profile of Beth Robinson
over 2 years ago

Thanks so much for uploading this Lucy. It was a fun webinar to record. 

I'd be really interested to hear other people thoughts on this topic, e.g. recommendations of software, methods for making people feel at ease online etc. 


Go to the profile of Beth Robinson
over 2 years ago

This webpage was recently emailed around CCNet, it has some useful tips in about remote facilitation, but be warned, it is quite long! https://www.sessionlab.com/blog/remote-facilitation/

Go to the profile of Chloe Hodgkinson
over 2 years ago

Hi Beth. Steph O'Donnell at WildLabs has also recently done a great seminar on the remote facilitation techniques that they've used for their online sessions over the past few years- more info here: https://www.wildlabs.net/resources/community-announcements/wildlabs-virtual-workshop-recording-running-engaging-events-zoom

Go to the profile of Beth Robinson
over 2 years ago

Hello Chloe! I've heard good thinks about this, thanks! I shall watch it asap. Hope you are well.