CoalitionWILD - Growing Our Reach

This toolkit aims to inform a process of self-reflection for individuals and institutions who/which are invested in creating positive environmental change. It's used as the basis for the Coalitionwild Mentorship Programme.

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It is not simply for young professionals, but rather a roadmap for all sides to engage with for a multifaceted and multi-dimensional look at integrating long term leadership and assimilation into the environmental sector. It is for all interested in advancing conservation - in Growing Our Reach.

Flavia Martinelli

Coordinator, Plant-for-the-Planet Brazil // CoalitionWILD

Biologist, master in Animal Biology, with a deep interest in biodiversity conservation and climate change. Former director of the NGO Engajamundo, current Coordinator of Actions and Partnerships at Plant-for-the-Planet Brazil and voluntary collaborator of CoalitionWILD. I believe in the resilience of nature and the power of connections to inspire, renew and change the world.
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