Lucy Tallents here

I'm excited to join WildHub and get to know you all!
Lucy Tallents here

Hi everyone, I'm excited to be part of this community, and looking forward to connecting with you, learning from you, and supporting you in your valuable conservation work!

My own conservation journey started with grassroots volunteering with BTCV and ATCV (British & Australian Trusts for Conservation Volunteers) when I was a teenager.  I've done field research on 🦡 badgers in the UK, 🐵 gibbons in northern Vietnam, and 🦊 Ethiopian wolves in er, Ethiopia.  After finishing my PhD, I decided I could have greater impact in conservation through helping others to enhance their monitoring and research; especially in-country nationals who would be less hampered by cultural, language and political barriers than I.  So I shifted my focus from field research to evidence-based capacity building.  I set up and taught the WildCRU's PGDip in International Wildlife Conservation Practice, and developed online courses to open up learning opportunities to a wider range of practitioners.  I still miss being in the field, but I find teaching and empowering others deeply rewarding.

WildCRU at Oxford University was my base for a long time, but I now have my own company, VerdantLearn, which offers a range of support and training in conservation research and monitoring skills, e-learning design and deployment, and creating engaging virtual events.

I look forward to meeting you here,


Badger image by Vincent van Zalinge


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almost 2 years ago

Welcome, Lucy! Lovely to read about your background in conservation and thanks very much for joining our WildHub Webinar yesterday as E-learning specialist, I learned a lot from you. 

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almost 2 years ago

Hi, Lucy! Very excited to meet you here! I was one of your QGIS online course participants (I guess it was on 2015 or 2016). I still use QGIS until now, and I started from your course!

Regards from Indonesia