Behavior change for wildlife conservation - new published article

Behavior change for wildlife conservation - new published article

Hello everyone,

I'm delighted to share my fresh from the oven article published in Conservation Science and Practice. In this open-access paper, we discuss the effectiveness of two behavior-based strategies to avoid dog visits in Atlantic Forest remnants in southeastern Brazil.

I hope you enjoy it!

Click to read:

Committing to behavior change: How to prevent dogs from visiting Atlantic Forest remnants?

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Go to the profile of Thirza Loffeld
6 months ago

Hi Isabel, congrats on this paper and thank you for sharing it with our community!

I had two questions after reading the abstract:

1) What did the commitment nudge entail? 2) what would be your recommendation to conservation practitioners moving forward to reduce the severe dog impacts on wildlife?

Thanks again! 

Go to the profile of Alan J. Hesse
5 months ago

Hi @Isabel Tostes Ribeiro thanks for sharing this paper, it's great to see more behaviour change material on WildHub! I noted with interest your conclusions that there was no real difference between merely providing information vs information + behavioural nudge. I have long worked with the application of social marketing as a tool for conservation behaviour change and seen that effecting lasting change is a lot harder than we all think! I'd love to have a chat about all this if ever you are interested. Meanwhile perhaps you can check out the area of my website dedicated to training on social marketing: