The IndianSnakes App – An App for everyone

Indian Snakebite Initiative is a collective initiative of leading institutions, NGOs, and individuals across India working on snakebite management. We undertake projects to conduct research, outreach, and policy-level intervention in various aspects of snakebite management.
The IndianSnakes App – An App for everyone


  1. Jose Louies
  2. The Indiansnakebite Initiative 
  3. Team IndianSnakes

The Indiansnakes app is an all-inclusive app that will be your digital field guide, connect you to the nearest snake rescuer and help you to locate the nearest hospital where snakebite can be treated. It also can be used by rescuers and other experts to report the occurrence of any snake in your area which will help us to create species distribution maps of snakes across the country.

In 2017, we started with the Big-4 Mapper and Indiansnakes app. With this upgradation we have merged the functionalities of both apps and also included some more features.

Where can you find the app: The app is available for download at the Google Play Store. Please search for Indiansnakes app or Click Here to directly get to the app download page

Who can use this app: The app can be downloaded and used by anyone. Every user needs to register to use the app. We have given an option for a regular user to upgrade to a rescuer so that the person can add snake reports into the database.