Lara Reden (She/Her)

WildHub Community Advocate, Self-employed
Saziso Moyo

Community Liaison Officer , African Parks

Rosa Alejandra Roldán

Research assistant, Centro de Datos para la Conservación -CDC/CECON/USAC

Hi! I'm a Latin woman who loves nature. I studied Biology at the Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala. I have experience in environmental education focused on children and young people. I work with amphibians and reptiles, specifically with salamanders and crocodiles. I like art and data digitalization. Recently, I started to work at Centro de Datos para la Conservación as a research assistant, being in charge of the Ecology section. Also, I have collaborated on a project on food security through insect consumption, working with indigenous women in the western part of my country.


I am the CEO of based UK startup ioLight. We make the only pocket microscope that can capture and share images of cells from the screen of your mobile phone. I joined WildHub because conservationists globally find that a microscope that can travel anywhere that they can is now an essential part of their gear. The microscope allows you to make instant decisions in the field. It has been used in The Arctic, The Amazon, The Antarctic, and Mount Everest. Most of our microscopes are exported, with 50% sold in the USA. We hope to connect with field ecologists, particularly those interested in citizen science. We can help you collect large volumes of rich data quickly and inexpensively. We are looking forward to learning how you want to view microscopic subjects and to help make your field work faster and simpler. I look forward to meeting you.
Ana Yi Soto

GLFx Coordinator at Global Landscapes Forum, CIFOR-ICRAF

Ana Yi Soto is a specialist in communications and cooperation for development. Her 12-year professional experience spans the non-profit and private sectors, including NGOs such as Conservation International and Wildlife Conservation Society. She is knowledgeable in rural development, conservation programs, and youth movements across Latin America, Africa, and Europe.  In 2007, she co-founded the International Network of Students for Peace, RED ESPAZ Peru, and on Earth Day 2023, she launched Crea Planeta, a creative agency for planet restoration based in social marketing and behavioral insights. Ana is a Peruvian national and lives in Madagascar, close to the Makira National Park.
Averroes Oktaliza

Conservationist, ASTA Indonesia

Mary Jo

PhD Candidate, Antioch University New England / Coopera Congo

My research focus is the cultural and utilitarian ways rural communities value wildlife with a focus on endangered apes in the Democratic Republic of Congo. I used mixed methods including doing interviews with community members and reconnaissance walks in adjacent village forests. My goal is to work for a conservation organization that partners with communities to find conservation solutions and implement initiatives that benefit both people and animals relevant to the local context. 
Thato Mashigo

Environmental education officer intern, National Zoological Garden

I not so recently obtained my Master’s in Wildlife Management Engineering and have entered the workforce in an entry level position. Currently working as an environmental education intern for the only national zoological garden in South Africa. I am looking for new opportunities to gain skills and knowledge that will enable me to be successful and an asset in whichever organisation or company (within wildlife conservation) that I collaborate with or join. I look forward to gaining and building great partnerships in this community. 
Kiki Mihok

Social Media Manager | Conservation Content Creator, Kiki Mihok LLC

I am a Science Communicator with a big passion for connecting people back to their inner-child's wonder for wildlife. I believe that everyone deep-down has a love for animals, and I want to help them find it! My skills include content creation, brand strategy, short-form video production, social media marketing, and visual storytelling. Motivating my growth in all these skills is my passion for what I do. Long story short, I love animals and I love talking about them! I enjoy working with conservation organizations to expand their reach and impact through Reels, carousels, TikToks, email marketing, and print designs. If you have a project that you feel I could be a valuable addition to, I would enjoy connecting with you and discussing new opportunities for science communication and visual storytelling.
Marjan Maria Mon

Research and Animal Care Co-Ordinator, Plumploris e.V Bangladesh Project

I am Marjan Maria, a young and ambitious wildlife biologist also a proud mom to a baby girl from Bangladesh. I am passionate about conserving the biodiversity of my country and protecting its endangered species. I am particularly interested in the behavioral ecology of primates and herpetofauna. I have researched the Bengal slow loris, Phayre's langur, hoolock gibbon, and other endangered species in Bangladesh. I have also worked on developing conservation strategies for these species. I am also interested in the impacts of road infrastructure on wildlife. I am currently working on a project to study roadkill in primates and other animals in Bangladesh. I believe that wildlife conservation is essential for our planet's health and future generations' well-being. I am committed to working to protect the biodiversity of Bangladesh and to ensure that its wildlife can thrive for generations to come. I am eager to learn and grow. I am passionate about making a difference in the world. I am grateful for the opportunity to work in wildlife conservation and I am excited to see what the future holds. 
Thirza Loffeld

WildHub Community Manager, WildTeam UK

My background is mainly in species conservation, education and capacity development. I researched mother-young interactions in gorillas and chimpanzees, in captivity and the wild. After that, I worked for three years in Indonesia, where I developed and implemented youth ambassador and community engagement programmes on local and regional scales. I work as Community Manager at WildHub since 2020, and I am an Associate Member of the Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology (DICE) at the University of Kent where I obtained my PhD on capacity development for conservation in 2022. 

Trainee, Wildhub

Maria is B.Forestry graduate from the Department of  Forestry and Wildlife at University Of Uyo.  Maria is enthusiastic about forest  and wildlife management ,biometrics, mensuration, ecology, biodiversity conservation, climate change impact  and environmental sustainability. Maria has worked as a Forest Officer Assistant, Volunteer,Forest Intern and a Customer Service Officer. She's currently looking out for scholarships and assistantships in Universities and opportunities for further study and learning. Maria is skilled in Data analysis and Business Intelligence, Environmental management,Virtual Assistance, Interpersonal communication and team work. She is teachable and always ready to learn. Maria joined Wildhub to learn more about Wildlife species management and monitoring, species biodiversity conservation and work opportunities outside Nigeria.
Arvind Kumar Chaurasia

Additional Commissioner, IRS(C&IT), Wildlife Crime Control Bureau, New Delhi, India

I am Additional Commissioner from Indian Revenue Service (Customs & Indirect Taxes) with vast experience of law enforcement especially in tackling transnational smuggling  including willdife trafficking. Also, as an expert I have been conducting sessions on various aspects of wildlife crimes and its convergence with other serious crimes, legal and enforcement framework to counter it, wildlife cyber crime, OSINT for combating wildlife crime, combating money laundering associated with wildlife crime, CITES, role of Customs in tackling the menace of wildlife crime, Digital Forensics etc. for forest, police, customs and other enforcement agencies' officials. I have also been invited as an expert by UNODC ROSA to train the law enforcement officials of Sri Lanka on combating wildlife cyber crimes.

Owner, Wildlifeel at Home

Hello Everyone :) My field is in Interior Architecture from the accredited Columbia College Chicago, with most of my years with small design/build firms here in the PNW. I'm now freelancing so I can build Wildlifeel at Home - a blog and design studio centered around 'conservation-based design/build practices' - so I can help change my industry from within. I seek to create homes in such a way that allows wildlife to keep theirs, too, because one home no longer needs to be sacrificed for the other to thrive. I also live off-grid in a small one-room cabin on acreage in the foothills of a national park. I care for the woodland creatures, the food forest, endless evergreens, fish laden creeks, wildlife meadows and more. I'm here to make long-lasting friendships and to learn from the many other conservationists on WildHub! 
Emily Caruso

Co-director, Global diversity foundation

Trained in biology and anthropology, I have spent 20+ years in the non-profit sector. Passionate about social and environmental justice, my focus is on the intersection between conservation and community rights and wellbeing. As the co-director of Global Diversity Foundation, I have experience in organisational strategy development, fundraising and donor relations management, HR management and recruitment, financial oversight, operations, conflict resolution and mediation, non-profit governance, communications and dissemination, and event organisation. A highly skilled partnership-builder, relationship-manager and strategic thinker, I speak four languages and currently oversee a multicultural, multilocal team of 15.
Salam Hussein

Master degree student , Agricultural engineering sciences

Ashmita Shrestha

Researcher , Greenhood Nepal

Turtle researcher 
Thalita Calvi

Veterinarian, Apekin

Valeriia van der Westhuizen

Media and Women Empowerment, Transfrontier Africa NPC

My name is Valeria and I am the Media and Women Empowerment Manager at conservation non-profit Transfrontier Africa NPC. We are based in Olifants West Nature Reserve, Greater Kruger in South Africa. Everything that we do for conservation on our beautiful country is based on 5 strong pillars: 1. Research 2. Wildlife Management 3. Wildlife Security and Anti-Poaching 4. Women Empowerment and Community Integration 5. Environmental Education and Awareness I am super proud of being part of our team. My core responsibilities are: media relations, social media management, events (conferences, talks, presentations), fundrasing, funders relations and women empowerment and upliftment. The latter is my recent domain that I am extremely interested in and inspired to work on, and  that in fact pushed me towards the course in Project  Management as I realised I need to structure multiple projects within the Women Empowerment programme to coordinate them better and manage them.
Kelvin Muli

Programs Officer, Conservation Alliance of Kenya

I have a broad range of experience in the management of natural resources, landscape restoration, agriculture, wetlands management and conservation, GIS and remote sensing, data analysis, peace and conflict resolution, and research projects with an emphasis on water quality, aquatic system management, and the effects of climate change on marine ecosystems. Through advocacy for policies, conservation education, and conservation projects, I am passionate about preserving the natural world and preserving threatened species. I have delivered superior research services in collaboration with government agencies, religious institutions, and International, regional, national, and local NGOs.