Monica Yap

Transformation Coach, Accenture

About Monica Yap

I am passionate to conserve wild life. preserve what is left and sustain the future. I may bring value with my transformational work for the last 30 years in IT.

I have been a transformation coach in software and business industry for almost 20 years, my expertise is to help companies finding their obstacles and transform their ways of working into a collaborative, respectful, integration of diversity and human centric culture.  I have been coaching to executives, managers, to software developers in shifting their mindset towards how to work with each other, while adopting new lean and agile practices and mindsets.  I often serve as a strategist to the executive in how to make these cultural changes into reality and build a path to for implement the changes.

Most my agile transformations in IT in many companies across different industries were in complex domains (see Cynefin framework), where cause and effect can only be deduced in retrospect, and there are no right answers. These transformations are cultural and thinking mindset shifts, requires human behavioral changes. The solutions often required experimentation and redefining solutions based on introspections and continuous feedbacks. 

The magnitude of the transformation ranges from 4000 to 40,000 people in the organization. 

I believe and proven I have the skillset to:

  • help people looking at the problem from a different perspective
  • use Lean Startup and experimentation for creating effective conservation solutions
  • facilitate people with conflicting views to come to a common solution
  • design a strategy to change the culture
  • define a path to reach the end goal

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