Wildlife Vets International(WVI) a synopsis by Olivia Walter: Executive Director.

Dr. Olivia, As WVI's Executive Director, discusses their journey and collaborations stressing mentorship for wildlife vets and ethical dilemmas in conservation. WVI's aims for global reach and One Health advocacy, highlighting the role of vets in wildlife preservation and biodiversity.

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"Vets do so much more than look at the animals in front of them" (Dr Olivia Walter, Wildlife Vets


Dr. Olivia, a conservation biologist and the Executive Director of Wildlife Vets International (WVI), joins Uche for a discussion on her journey in the field. Starting with her studies in zoology at the University of Edinburgh and later working with the Zoological Society of London (ZSL), she gained valuable experience in tiger conservation and zoo management. Her transition from a zookeeper to a conservation biologist reflects her passion for wildlife and its preservation.

One of the key challenges Dr. Olivia addresses is the difficulty in quantifying conservation impact, especially regarding education and training initiatives. WVI's approach to this challenge involves long-term mentorship and knowledge transfer, particularly for wildlife vets globally. She advises aspiring wildlife veterinarians to seek mentorship and hands-on experience to excel in this field while broadening their scope of practice.

WVI collaborates with organizations worldwide, such as training vets in Ghana on wildlife health and post-mortems, aiming to bridge knowledge gaps and contribute to wildlife conservation and biodiversity preservation. Dr. Olivia emphasizes the need for strategic partnerships and mentions the importance of training university lecturers to cascade knowledge effectively.

Ethical dilemmas in wildlife rescue are also discussed, highlighting the complexities of deciding when to intervene and when to let nature take its course. Dr. Olivia's insights shed light on the nuanced decision-making process involved in wildlife rehabilitation and release programs.

The conversation concludes with WVI's vision for expanding training efforts, advocating for One Health principles, and addressing challenges in wildlife conservation through a focus on veterinary expertise. Overall, Dr. Olivia's expertise and experiences offer valuable insights into the intricacies of wildlife conservation and the role of veterinary professionals in this crucial field.


  • Long-term strategic plan of WVI (from 15:00 min)
  • What advice does Dr. Olivia give to a vet who wants to become a wildlife vet?  (28:30 min). Dr Olivia with WVI would like to involve more wildlife vets, transfer skills, and create opportunities for such positions around the world

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Go to the profile of Thirza Loffeld
5 days ago

Thank you for sharing this contribution @Uchenna H Anyaorah and @Olivia Walter : it's an interesting conversation, in particular to hear about the impacts of WVI's work! 

Perhaps also of interest to you @Amanda Mendonça and @Amanda Faradifa 

Go to the profile of Amanda Faradifa
5 days ago

WVI is doing loads of incredible work! Olivia and Uche are such a passionate vet! Love to see people from different parts of the world sharing knowledge and experience through this platform 💪