Celebrating the second year of our community!

What did you enjoy most about being part of our WildHub community in 2021? Find out what our members answered in our end-of-year 2021 survey.
Celebrating the second year of our community!
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Some of the 2600 faces behind the WildHub community

Our WildHub end-of-year 2021 survey was completed by 260 members across 62 countries, which is approx. 10% of our total number of members at the time of the survey. Almost half of the respondents worked for a conservation NGO (48.5%) and had been working, on average, 8.8 years as a conservation professional. In the survey, members shared how WildHub’s community and activities have helped them most in 2021, please find some highlights below. 

Problem-solving: On average, more than half of our respondents (+7% in comparison to 2020) shared that the WildHub community helped them come up with creative solutions to new problems and helped them generate novel and feasible work-related ideas. 

Great to link up and network with conservation professionals across the world, and discuss our projects and what works and doesn't, helping each other out and sharing ideas! Its a great way for collaborative creativity." (Rosie Walker, Project Assistant, Froglife, UK)

Informational support to benefit work and career: More than 86% of our respondents (+6%) shared that the WildHub community provided them with access to useful information and tools (e.g. frameworks, best practices) that helped them in their conservation jobs. 

“The WildHub community is unique. The hub is a diversity of experts either young aspiring (budding) conservation professionals and experienced individuals. This has created a very unique platform of exchanging information and everyone's learning experiences.” (Apolinario B. Cariño, Executive Director, Penagmannak Inc., Philippines)

"WildHub provided tips and useful links in order to improve my own work." (Gerardo Rios Sais, Independent Consultant, CEP-UNEP, Mexico)

“The inclusive conservation webinar was very useful for the diversity, inclusion and belonging work I do relating to conservation and volunteer recruitment at an NGO. I hope to attend more webinars and similar events in the future." (Becky Falkingham, Nature Evidence Data Officer, National Trust, UK)

Professional development: On average, 76% (+16%) of the survey respondents said that WildHub helped them keep their conservation-related knowledge and skills up-to-date. 

“Receiving news from WildHub has given me the opportunity to access various forms of funding and professional development networks.” (Miliana Ravuso, Project Manager, BirdLife International, Fiji)

Career development: More than 87% (+7%) of our respondents shared that the WildHub community provided them with access to useful information that helped them work towards or progress their career in conservation. 

Without WildHub I wouldn't have known about the free GIS beginner training offered by VerdantLearn and enabled me to gain another skillset to support my career change into the [conservation] industry.“ (Kanishka Karunanayake, IT Consultant and Solution Provider, WWF UK)

Participating in 'Lessons Learned' posts has meant that I not only was able to network with others in the sector but also learn more about the scope of the sector and it has given me great insight into how I want my career to progress.” (Rebecca Hansell, Environmental Educator, Hastings Aquarium, UK)

Social support and resilience building: More than 65% (+10%) felt socially supported by other WildHub members and for 89% (+6%) of our respondents the WildHub community has made a positive difference in staying connected with others in conservation. Furthermore, more than half of the respondents gained new contacts by being part of the WildHub community and 64% (+14%) shared that being part of the WildHub community has helped them adapt positively to difficult situations and setbacks. 

Staying engaged and connected: “On WildHub I have found a growing community of like-minded individuals, which is very helpful as I strive to increase my professional network.” (Alan J. Hesse, Conservation educator and author-illustrator, Ecuador)

An inspiring environment: “[WildHub] has given me the opportunity to see how many others worldwide are not giving up on conservation and are working hard towards improving our earth. This has inspired me greatly to keep going with my own conservation work! ” (Emily Talkington, Wildlife Veterinarian, USA)

Sense of community: “The WildHub community feels like a safe place to reach out to other professionals without being awkward. It's a really welcoming network which feels much more personable than other networks like LinkedIn.” (Aurora Hood, Local Wildlife Officer, Isle of Anglesey County Council, UK)

Next to the above benefits for individual members, WildHub also provides private rooms for existing networks and communities to promote connection, information exchange and collaboration among their members, whilst connecting them with our global community. We currently host 8 networks for free. Please get in touch with me if your network/community would be interested in this option.

Having a [private] room to carry out the program of CoalitionWILD was important to test the engagement of the members, and helped us to better understand the CoalitionWILD network. And for me it's interesting being part of a global community with other conservation leaders, since we have the same interests and passion." (Flavia Martinelli, Coordinator, Plant-for-the-Planet Brazil /Youth Climate Leaders, Brazil)

Looking forward

Your survey answers provided us with valuable information on how to continue to develop our community this year 2022. As always, next to celebration there is also room for improvement as we are supporting an increasing number of conservation professionals, students, and career-switchers. One of the main goals of this year 2022 is to place Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (JEDI) even more in the spotlight. With this, we do not just mean our corresponding channel, but also the composition of our community and how voices are heard and translated into action. 

You can help us achieve our JEDI goal by taking these three actions below: 

  1. Invite two conservation professionals, who have limited access to conservation-specific information and financial means, to join our community; go to your WildHub homepage and click on the 'invite' button. This way, you will help share those benefits that our members have stated in this post with others in conservation who need it. 
  2. Increase the recognition and appreciation other WildHub members receive by clicking on a channel that matches your interest and by providing helpful feedback to the author(s) of your favourite piece of content. Simply add your comment below it. 
  3. Go to our "Collaborate and help others" room and check which member's 'ask for help' you can meet. Think of valuable information and connections you can provide to that member who is asking for help (check our member directory for suitable contacts). 

Thank you for making our community a supportive and safe environment to learn, exchange challenges and solutions to help conservation professionals thrive in their important work.

Through WildHub, I have shared what I'm doing in orangutan conservation. I've joined and followed events, such as Conservation coffee by @Tori Jeffers, and the WildHub festival, and I meet a lot of new great people who work in nature conservation and sustainable environment. Also, my English is becoming better." (Fahri Budiman, Assistant In-Situ Conservation Division, Yayasan Ekosistem Lestari, Indonesia)

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