Hi I'm Jennifer!

A career switching veterinarian looking for work tackling wildlife crime and the illegal wildlife trade.
Hi I'm Jennifer!

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Hi everyone, I've joined Wildhub to make new connections and gain more insight into the sector I'd like to work in.

I've recently resigned from my position as Clinical Director in a busy small animal veterinary practice with the aim of finding a job tackling wildlife crime and the illegal wildlife trade.

I'm currently living in Northern Ireland but my family and I are returning to the Eastern Cape, South Africa next year where we have a small piece of land involved in the Albany Thicket Biodiversity Corridor project.

I'd love to connect with others working in the industry or anyone with suggestions on how I might achieve my goal!

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Go to the profile of Thirza Loffeld
11 months ago

Hi Jennifer, a warm welcome to our community! We are happy to have you join us. 

Looking at your interests, I would recommend clicking the "watch" button in the Wildlife Trade & crime room here. This way you will be notified of any new content published there. 

I would also recommend using key terms of your interest in our search bar (top of the site) which will lead to relevant content and connections popping up. In particular, our members who are part of Wildlife Vets International (WVI) @Olivia Walter and @Jane Hopper , international wildlife conservation vet @Emily Talkington and our 'in-house' wildlife crime expert @Arvind Kumar Chaurasia may be contacts of interest to you. 

Lastly, I would also recommend joining our monthly WildHub socials (next one is on 20th September, you can RSVP here) where we check in with each other to provide social and informational support. I look forward to meeting you! 

Go to the profile of Lara Reden
11 months ago

Welcome to WildHub, Jennifer!

Go to the profile of Grace Alawa
10 months ago

Hi Jennifer, good to have you join us. Added to Thirza's recommendation, taking the Wildlife conservation courses offered here would be good considering you'll soon be involved in the Albany Thicket Biodiversity Corridor project.

Go to the profile of Chrissy
10 months ago

Hi Jennifer! Welcome to the Wildhub Community