Research Funding

Research Funding

I am looking for PhD research funding, any hint?

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Go to the profile of Frank van der Most
7 months ago

One option is applying for paid positions. I know that in some countries, people are paid to work as a PhD student ( since the PhD student not only studies, but also teaches and does research, by law it is considered a job ). This is the case in The Netherlands and Sweden. I think also Germany, and would not be surprised about other countries. One has to apply for the job, not for a grant. 
Otherwise, it is hard work to find something. You 'liked' my overview article (thank you for that), so you know about it. Keep in mind that student-ship grants are grants, not salaries. So, one probably has to pay insurances privately.

Hi Judith! What is your research area. This my guide the community in forwarding you some calls for PhD positions or research grants 

Go to the profile of Judith Njoka
7 months ago

Hello Margaret, 

My research area is on human-wildlife interaction (conflict and coexistence)

Go to the profile of Thirza Loffeld
7 months ago

Hi Judith, thanks for sharing your question with our community. Please also have a look at this article on WildHub via the link below:

Go to the profile of Dr Jackie Symmons
7 months ago

Try to get a related organisation or company to sponsor you as it may fit into their research and development work.